The Pilates and yoga studios market is expected to enjoy revenues of more than $269 million by 2028. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, you may be hoping to start a Pilates company and claim a share of this lucrative industry.

But how can you hire the best Pilates instructors for your studio? If you employ the wrong teachers, they could provide your students with a poor experience and damage your business’s reputation.

Fortunately, you can find top-class Pilates instructors by looking for candidates with several crucial qualities.

Let’s dive in and learn more about hiring Pilates teachers.

Qualifications and Experience

Before hiring an applicant, check that they have one of the relevant certifications required to practice as a Pilates instructor. You should also decide if you are happy with their experience level and their ability to teach a class to your high standards.

If not, you may want to ask the candidate to apply again at a later date when they meet your minimum requirements.

Enthusiasm and Positivity

You’ll want your students to look forward to attending your Pilates studio classes, and this may not be the case if their instructor is downcast and negative. While it can be difficult to tell how a teacher will run their class, you may get an indication of their enthusiasm levels during the interview.

If a person only seems keen to know about their salary and vacation allowance, this could be a warning sign. Similarly, if you ask an applicant if they would like a tour of your studio and they decline, they may not be interested in the work.

Look for candidates that ask plenty of questions and seem eager to get started as soon as possible.

Range of Skills

You may prefer to hire a Pilates instructor that has a range of different teaching abilities. For example, you might need them to take private Pilates sessions as well as group classes.

Or, an instructor may need to coach students with various skill levels within the same session. By employing a coach with these capabilities, you can offer a more rounded service to your customers.


You’ll have a lot to do when you start a business, and the last thing you want is to have to constantly hire new staff. Ask a candidate if they are looking to commit to your Pilates company, or if they only want a short-term job.

Hire the Right Pilates Instructors for Your Studio

Hiring the best Pilates instructors can give your students a superior experience and help to grow your business. To find high-quality instructors you can ask about an applicant’s qualifications and ensure they take a positive approach to their work. It can also help to inquire about a teacher’s skillsets and confirm they intend to stay with your business for an extended period.

When you employ the right instructors, you could soon be running the number one Pilates studio in your area!

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