Most of us spend our whole lives dreaming of the perfect wedding day. Gowns, suits, decorations, flowers, themes, colors, location, and food are all at the forefront of people’s minds when they picture it. We can’t forget what ties it all together: great music.

Music is such a powerful tool. It has many effects on the human brain and can change your mood very quickly.

So, when you are planning your perfect day, how do you find the best wedding DJ? Here are the tips and tricks on hiring a wedding DJ to ensure you and your guests are feeling the music and dancing all night long.

Ask for Referrals and Read Reviews

When it comes to hiring a professional, you’ll likely already be in on this trick. Always ask around your circle to find out if someone has had any experience with a wedding DJ. The people you know personally will usually be the most honest with you on who to work with or not.

If you can’t find anyone who has experience with hiring a wedding DJ, turn to the internet. These days you can easily find reviews and ratings of services like this.

For even more in-depth advice from strangers, you can turn to wedding-related blog pages. Redditt is a great way to source information from a large group of people in your area.

Find out About Them

Once you have a list of DJs you are interested in, it’s time to go even further in-depth. You should always ask questions about their work. Find out if they have a website or social media page that gives you more background on them.

Something you may want to consider is if they have lots of wedding experience. You might be able to find a club DJ that charges significantly less but isn’t familiar with how to operate in this type of setting.

Ask for Samples of Their Work

Before choosing your wedding DJ, ask for samples of their mixes. This is an easy way to verify if you like their style and how skilled they are.

You may even be able to find videos or photos of how they set up and sound at a previous wedding. These types of samples can show you how they interact with the crowd as well. Take notice and ask how they get the crowd pumped up.

Give Them a Do and Don’t List

After you’ve chosen your preferred DJ, make sure they understand your likes and dislikes. Give them a playlist of songs that you want to be included. It’s also equally important that you give them a list of things you don’t want.

Have They Performed at Your Venue and Equipment Questions

Other important questions to ask a wedding DJ include questions about their equipment. Ask them if they have ever performed at your venue. This will help you figure out if they need time to figure out how to set up.

You must find out if you need to supply anything regarding power and equipment. You don’t want to get to the day of your wedding and be scrambling because of this.

Find out if they can supply other services. These might include lighting or HD screens.

Get a Contract

Get in writing everything you have agreed upon. This goes for all wedding vendors and ensures that everyone does their part!

The Best Day Includes the Best Wedding DJ

Remember that finding the best wedding DJ for you might look different than others! People are looking for all sorts of different styles. However, there is no denying that no wedding is complete without the perfect music.

If you’re planning your big day, check out our other content that can help you get ready!

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