Are you having trouble with security on your construction site?  Are you wondering when hiring a security guard?

After a global pandemic, companies large and small have seen increased incidents of sabotage and theft. Not having the right team on your construction site can leave it open to theft and sabotage, which in turn leads to loss of revenue. But how do you know who to hire?

Choosing the right security guard depends on a multitude of factors. We’ve created this short guide to ensure you hire those best qualified to prevent theft and ensure the safety of your construction site.

Let’s dive in!

1. Checking a Guard’s Qualifications and Experience

Guard's Qualifications and ExperienceEnsuring they have the correct qualifications and experience helps to ensure they are qualified and competent enough. Experienced guards may have the ability to identify hazards on site, react to emergencies and maintain a secure environment.

Checking the guard’s qualifications and experience ensures the guard has the necessary certifications needed to carry out the tasks. Finally, it is important to look into the guard’s background and prior work history to ensure they are trustworthy and well-suited for the job.

2. Evaluating a Security Guard’s Experience with Customers

Experienced security guards often have an in-depth understanding of customer needs as well as how to effectively handle difficult situations. They should be able to identify and respond efficiently to potential security threats. They must also provide top-notch customer service.

A security guard’s experience with customers should also include experience dealing with specific construction site security issues. These include trespassing, theft, vandalism, and other similar hazards.

3. Assessing Skill Levels of Guards

Skill LevelsFind a reliable security guard with knowledge of the construction environment. They must have familiarity with any on-site machinery and should be taken into careful consideration. Utilize assessment techniques such as job analysis, structured interviews, and competency-based tests.

4. Assessing the Cost of Hiring a Security Guard

The total cost of the professional security guard’s services may depend on the type of guard they recruit. Also the number of hours they will require, and the frequency at which they need to be available.

Aside from the costs of hiring security, employers should also consider the cost of training and equipment that the guard will require. Employers may also consider any discounts or deals that the security guard can offer for long-term contracts or more frequent services.

5. Reviewing Scheduling and Availability for Current Needs

Gate guard service is an important role where the guard is responsible for monitoring the entrance and exit of personnel, trucks, and equipment. Factors like whether day or evening shifts, nights, and weekends are required need to be taken into consideration when making a hire.

Follow the Basics of Hiring a Security Guard

security Appropriate hiring of a security guard is essential to ensure that a property is always monitored, secure and peaceful. Consider an applicant’s skill, attitude, experience, and trustworthiness. These will help you in determining if the security guard you are hiring is a good fit for you and your property.

Do your due diligence and research potential candidates. Contact references and arrange for a background check. Contact a trusted security guard company today to discuss your needs and options.

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