Sexual dysfunction affects at least 3 out of every 10 men.

And even though you don’t have this problem, it doesn’t hurt to learn ways to have better sex as a man. The idea is to avoid the frustrations that come from poor sexual performance. That’s why you want to find creative ways to ensure you and your partner enjoy being intimate.

So you’re right to wonder how to have better sex without taking a “blue pill”?

Read on to discover 9 tips for men.

1. Eat Right to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Eat Right to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Unhealthy eating is one of the leading causes of low testosterone and sexual dysfunction. So, to overcome these problems rethink your diet. That’s why you should increase your intake of fatty fish and avocados.

These foods have been proven to make men last longer in bed and enjoy sex more. Also, if you’re wondering how to get good at sex, consider getting rid of excess body weight. That’s why you should start exercising regularly.

Understand that exercises will build your stamina and elevate your libido.

2. Use Your Mouth and Hands

Most men focus only on the penetration part, and that’s why they feel their partners sexually unsatisfied. Don’t be like most men, instead learn to use your mouth. Start by using your mouth to have sex talks with your partner.

Find out what they like in bed and what you can do to make them feel more pleasure. Next, use your mouth to kiss your partner and lick them. To spice things up, combine your mouth with your hands.

Touch and kiss your partner’s erogenous zones, and don’t rush the foreplay.

3. Spice Things Up by Taking Sex Out of the Bedroom

Having sex in the same place (your bedroom) soon becomes boring and mundane. So, instead of enjoying sex, it starts to feel like a chore that you’re in a rush to finish. To overcome this boredom, take sex out of your bedroom.

Look for fun sex ideas that suggest creative places to get intimate such as your kitchen or bathroom. Besides, to have a thrilling experience, consider having sex outside your home.

4. Quit Unhealthy Habits

sex life

To enjoy the different health benefits of sex, you must quit bad habits such as smoking and taking too much alcohol. The reason is that these things lower your libido and stamina level. Also, avoid taking your phone with you to bed, as the alerts will keep distracting you.

You want all your attention to be on your partner. Pay attention to all non-verbal cues to guide you on how to enhance pleasure. So, check how your partner responds to your touches and kisses.

5. Be Spontaneous

Are you seeking ideas for spicing up a relationship? Then start being spontaneous and learn to surprise your partner. Take them out for dinner without planning for it.

Grab them when walking together and give them a tight hug or kiss. Although these things may look cheesy, they’ll help you bond and improve your intimacy.

6. Experiment With Adult Toys

Adding adult toys is the other creative idea for spicing things up in the bedroom. So, talk to your partner about experimenting with different adult toys. You want to find beginner-friendly toys which boost your sexual performance.

So, find the top adult toys shop that offers a wide selection of toys for sale. You want to get professional guidance on how different adult toys work to decide the ones to buy.

7. Learn to Submit in Bed

As a man, it’s your nature to desire to dominate your partner, and this works in many instances. However, to make things more interesting in your bedroom, you need to learn how to submit. You want to allow your partner to lead and explore their sexual fantasies.

By being submissive, you give your partner power to dominate, which makes sex more enjoyable. Besides, it takes the pressure off you and allows you to alternate roles, thereby strengthening your relationship.

8. Leverage Technology to Bond

To build up suspense for having sex use your smartphone to tease each other. Send each other erotic images over the phone during work hours. Also, consider having a video call where you tease each other.

You can do this by talking dirty via the video call and showing off your body. Also, you can use the smartphone to play games such as true and dare that boost your sexual drive. The idea is to get creative ideas on things to do to each other in your bedroom.

9. Switch Things Up

Nothing kills the mood in the bedroom more than doing the same thing over and over again. That’s why you need to switch things up in the bedroom. Start with simple things such as trying out different sex positions.

You want to find positions that allow deep penetration and ensure maximum pleasure. Also, look for sex positions that help you go on for long without ejaculating. The great thing is that now there are so many resources suggesting different creative positions.

Learn How to Have Better Sex to Enhance Your Wellness Levels

Learn How to Have Better Sex to Enhance Your Wellness Levels

To enhance pleasure as a man, you need to learn how to have better sex. Start by finding healthy foods that boost your libido and stamina. Also, quit bad habits such as drinking too much alcohol and smoking.

Besides, spice things in your bedroom by trying out new sex positions and adding adult toys.

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