Camping is an excellent way for you to relax, connect with nature, and enjoy some outdoor activities while getting away from the noise and hustle of living in a city. If you’ve been searching for your next camping destination, you’re not alone. A hammock campaign can be the best idea for you. Data from a newly released report indicates that Americans are planning on taking more camping trips this year due to the pandemic.

An interesting finding from the report shows that individuals are looking for “alternative ways” to camp. Other than staying in a tent or RV, you can also try hammock camping. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, keep reading this guide to learn more!

1. Choosing Your Hammock

Choosing Your Hammock

The first thing you will have to consider is the various types of hammocks and which is best for your camping trip. Camping hammocks come with a few additional features that you should be aware of, these include:

  • A sturdier hammock design
  • Heavier material (to prevent cold air)
  • Added comfortability

Do you want a single or double? This is a common dilemma for hammock buyers. There are different hammock styles to consider as well – the length, size, and material are all critical factors to consider.

Depending on the type of camping you are planning on going on will likely determine which is best for you. If you are planning on hiking a lot, it might be best to look for a lightweight hammock. Otherwise, a more sturdy one might be favorable.

2. Gathering Supplies

Next, you will have to get all the supplies together to make sure your experience is the best it can be. Starting with the items needed to install the camping hammock, including sturdy trunk straps and the hammock itself. Then, you can plan to pack additional things such as:

  • A bug net to keep the bugs out
  • An under-quilt(blanket) to prevent heat from escaping
  • A tarp to avoid rain

These are a few of the essential items to have while hammock camping to keep you dry, warm, and without irritating insects. Don’t leave the house without them!

3. Advantages of Hammock Camping

Advantages of Hammock Camping

Not only is camping in a hammock an enjoyable way to connect with nature, but it also has several advantages that other types of camping cannot compare to.

  • Easy to setup
  • Lightweight (especially beneficial for hikers)
  • Versatile
  • Protection from the ground

No more waking up to a stiff back from laying on the ground all night. Hammock camping offers a chance to sleep while fully supported.

4. Tips

There are a few things you learn after you’ve camped in a hammock a few times. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Try setting up your hammock before camping
  • Find the right spot to begin the hammock setup
  • Check the weather before leaving
  • Research the area

And most importantly, don’t forget to keep your food and other supplies off the ground to prevent wild animals.

Getting Ready for Your Hammock Camping Trip

Getting Ready for Your Hammock Camping Trip

When it comes time for your next hammock camping trip, preparation is key to get the most out of your vacation. Don’t forget the essential items like a bug screen, rainfly, and under-quilt for the best experience. The best part about hammock camping is that you can pretty much set up your campsite anywhere as long as you have trees to hang it from.

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