When becoming an Insurance agent in Florida, you must have a Florida Insurance License. A lot of people find the idea of becoming an insurance agent to be quite attractive. You have more control of your schedule compared to a traditional job and you get to help people protect their lives and property with the help of the insurance policies you offer.

It takes a bit of entrepreneurial spirit thatโ€™s for sure, but there is still a bit of a process to becoming an insurance agent that every prospective agent has to be aware of.

Letโ€™s go over a brief overview of the job description of an Insurance agent and a starter guide on getting your Florida Insurance license. This will help you start selling and managing insurance policies and getting an insurance agent salary in the sunshine state.

What Does An Insurance Agent Do?

A lawyer who understands what their client needs

Simply put, an insurance agent sells and manages insurance policies on behalf of the insurance company that they are representing.

The policies that they endorse and manage can range from life insurance to auto insurance, health insurance, property insurance, and anything in between.

Depending on the company it may even be a combination of a few kinds of protections in one policy. Such flexible policies offer coverages and an insurance agent is knowledgeable in guiding individuals on the right policy.

Becoming An Insurance Agent In Florida

To become a licensed agent in the state of Florida there are a few things to consider. Letโ€™s look at the essentials.

Type Of Insurance License

What Is A No-Fault Insurance Policy

Depending on the kind of policy you will be managing, you will need a different license. The two most common types of licenses needed by insurance agents to practice in Florida are the Property & Casualty license (P&C), and the Life and Health insurance license (L&H).

Apply For Pre-Examination

Now that you know the license you need, you need to get ready for your test! To receive the Florida insurance license you need to pass the license exam. We recommend looking for an insurance education pre-license course to help you clear the test with flying colors.

License Application

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Now that you have received your education, it is time to apply for your license. The application process has some associated fees like the online application fee of $50, and the license ID fee of $5, so be aware of that. Do your research before applying to avoid confusion.

Background Check

The state of Florida does background checks on all insurance license applicants and subsequently also takes their fingerprints for the final licensing. A criminal record may affect the outcome of the application.

License Exam

Now time for your actual exam. This exam will be conducted with proctors watching over applicants and carries a fee of $44 for each attempt made. You need to score at least 70% to pass the exams. Practicing a couple of times before the examination can keep you calm during the papers and get you a good score.

The article is just a small guide on helping prospective insurance agents out there. For a more comprehensive look at the process, as well as what you should do after acquiring your license, it is best to connect with professionals who are already in this line of work. Having a mentor from the same industry can also help you climb the career ladder fast!

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