The average person is sporting about 100,000 hairs on their head. While it’s nice to have a full head of hair, sometimes, those all of those productive follicles give us 100,000 reasons to scream.

We’re talking about frizz, people! That look that makes it seem like someone just rubbed a balloon on your head? Do you know that look?

If you’re reading this post, we’re guessing you do and you’re looking for solutions.

Fortunately, there are several how to get rid of frizzy hair methods that are worth exploring if you’re serious about attaining that silky smooth style.

Below are a handful of your best options

1. Pick up an Anti-Frizz Shampoo

One of the best how to get rid of frizzy hair routes you can go down is to purchase curated hair products that are focused on eliminating frizz. Your product search should start with a good shampoo.

On the front of every shampoo bottle, you should be able to read two or three things that particular product specializes in. Anything that says “anti-frizz” or “frizz control” should pique your interest.

Remember, just because a bottle says it does something doesn’t mean it does it well or is good for your scalp. Always read shampoo reviews and stay away from products that have sulfates.

2. Don’t Forget Conditioner

Conditioner can be very helpful in crushing frizz. After all, conditioner’s main purpose is to help moisturize your follicles so hair lays flat.

Like shampoo, not all conditioners perform equally so do your research to find a healthy product that’s suited for frizzy hair. If possible, go with organic conditioner as many synthetic bottles feature harsh chemicals that may whip your frizz into shape in the short-term but could cause long-term damage that may worsen your issue.

3. Detangle Your Hair While You’re Showering

Having frizzy hair and combining it with tangles can make for an insurmountable mess. To reduce the amount of damage (an additional frizz) you’ll cause when brushing, consider brushing before you get out of the shower.

As water runs through your frizzy hair, you’ll find that your brush can more easily pass through each stroke which will allow you to tame your “do” without ripping out your hair. Thin hair can be more prone to standing out of place than thick hair so stay focused on keeping as many hairs on your head as possible, no matter how much they frustrate you.

4. Dry Gently

How you blow-dry can make or break your how to get rid of frizzy hair ambitions. Whenever you whip our your dryer, remember that you want to dry your hair at its base, not its tip. You’ll also want to get your hair completely dry as leaving trace moisture on your head to dry naturally may make frizz worse.

Talk to a hair professional that can walk you through what properly drying your hair might look like as over-drying certain types of hair can cause damage.

5. Ditch Hairspray

Hairspray is jam-packed with chemicals that can strip your hair of its natural-moisture and decimate follicles. If possible, we recommend throwing hair spray in the garbage and instead relying on organic oils that can lock your hair in place without leaving your scalp with negative baggage.

There are tons of anti-frizz oils on the market today so keep an eye out for products the next time you’re at the store or are in a salon.

6. Watch Out for Humidity

One of the main reasons why you may find yourself in an uphill battle against frizz is because of where you live. Humidity can cause frizz even in people that have hair that naturally lays flat.

If your environment is ultra-humid, you may need to opt for more heavy-duty anti-frizz products or manage your expectations on what you can accomplish. If possible, plan outings that allow you to stay in climate-controlled areas if you’re adamant about keeping your hair in shape during a humid outing.

7. Get a Cut

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, if you’re feeling brave and can’t stand managing your frizz around the clock, opt for a short cut. Tightly cropped hair is in for all genders and it’s an easy and cheap look to manage.

While losing your locks might seem like too much to bear, you may find that after leaping to short hair, you’ll never want to go back.

8. Throw on a Stylish Hat

Can’t seem to tame your unruly frock of hair on a particular day? Get accessorizing and throw on a stylish hat.

The right hat with an outfit can set it off so don’t feel self-conscious about experimenting.

9. Embrace the Frizz

Some frizz is less destined to be eliminated and more destined to be embraced. If you have to embrace your frizz, remember that no matter how your hair looks, with the right confidence, you can rock it!

How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair and If You Should Depends on Your Situation

Not everybody is going to find success with the same how to get rid of frizzy hair tactics given their hair type and environment. As we’ve mentioned, if you’re struggling with your hair, know that there’s no shame in embracing it!

Whatever you decide to do with your frizz, our team wishes you the best of luck in arriving at a style that makes you feel great.

If you’d like additional lifestyle advice, dive deeper into the pool of content we have available on our blog!

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