Shipping can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. It is also an important concern for any business that sells online. If you’re a small business owner or a home-based business, finding competitive shipping rates is very important, as many buyers will run away if your online shopping shipping fee is high.

Shipping fee isn’t only a problem for business owners; even buyers find the shipping cost a hurdle when making purchases. Most times, buyers let go of things they’ll love to buy just because the shipping fee is too high.

So, what’s the way out?Β  This post will give you tips on how to get the most out of your shipping without breaking the bank.

1. Compare Different Shipping Companies for Your Online Shopping

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The top tip to getting cheaper shipping rates is comparing prices between shipping companies. Once your product is packaged, you can visit the nearest post office to have them measure and weigh the package. You can also check the price through their online site.

If you’re a buyer, you can check how much your seller charges for shipping. Then, visit other online stores and see how much they charge for the same product and weight. If you’re shopping in UK or US stores, a great advantage is that shipping companies such as MyUS allow you to combine packages and save up to 80% on shipping. As you can see on, this is a great way to enjoy online shopping without breaking the bank, as they offer discounted rates, and consolidated shipping saves you money.

2. Understand the Types of Shipping and When to Use Them

There are generally three shipping modes: air, land, and sea shipping.

In air shipping, air crafts transport goods from one place to another. It’s the fastest but most expensive form of shipping, but it’s the best option if you’re shipping perishable goods. Air freight can be used to deliver all types of items except extremely large goods that can’t fit into an airplane.

The second type of shipping is land shipping. Inarguably, it’s the oldest form of shipping. It is mostly used for delivering goods within the same country or between neighboring nations. Trucks and trains are mostly used to transport huge goods, while smaller goods can be transported via vans, cars, bikes, and even bicycles.

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Shipping done through the sea is mostly for the transportation of military or commercial goods. It is mostly used for transporting larger quantities of goods in cargo ships. Sea shipping is usually the cheapest but the slowest. Almost all items can be shipped via sea, but consider using either land or air shipping if you want your goods to be delivered faster.

3. Use a Package Tracking Service

As a business owner, you can make the most of your shipping by using an online tracker to track your shipping location. Providing online tracking to your customers also helps you build strong seller-buyer relationships.

As a buyer, you can make the most of your online shipping without breaking the bank by examining your parcel’s location.

Some shipping companies charge demurrage fees when you fail to load or collect your goods within the agreed time. Having an increase when you still have shipping fees to pay can be a burden on your neck. Make sure you collect your goods as soon as they arrive.

4. Track your Spending by Creating a Budget For Shipping

It was said, “budgeting is the first step towards financial freedom.” We can’t have you spending anyhow when shopping or shipping your goods.

Before you start shopping, sit down and decide how much you want to spend on shipping. If you’re a buyer and you notice you’re spending much on shipping, consider cutting down some items that aren’t essential.

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Also, if you’re a seller and you notice the shipping price is very high and can send away potential customers, you can consider reducing the price. Moreover, you can offer promotional shipping per certain orders placed.

Wrap Up

Other ways to get most of your shipping without spending much are negotiating rates and considering pick-up or delivery. Choosing affordable packaging materials and using third-party insurance can also help you save some pennies.

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