Want to make some extra cash without having to do anything?

Then you need Google Rewards. Google Rewards is a survey app that gives you Google Play or PayPal credits for filling surveys.

However, after using the Google Rewards app for two to three months, some users want to how to get more Google surveys and stop getting enough surveys on their accounts.

Wondering why? Then keep on reading this article and learn how to get more Google surveys Rewards.

But, before we begin with that, let’s see how to get more Google surveys work.

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What Exactly is Google Rewards?

As the world is advancing towards a data-driven approach, consumer insights are valuable more than ever. And Google knows exactly how to cash on that.

Google Rewards requires its users to fill surveys and share their valuable insights with the company. In return, it pays its users with Google Play credits or PayPal credits.

Google Rewards works for both Android and Apple Users. All you have to do is install the app and start making money.

How to Get More Google Surveys?

One thing to keep in mind is that PayPal credits are only available for Apple Users, whereas Android users get credits in their PlayStore account.

Once you sign up for the app, you need to fill in your details. After this, you receive a test based survey.

Each survey takes 10 seconds only to fill, which you can complete while standing in line or on a subway.

When you have enough credits in your Google Play account, you can make in-app purchases with them by keeping those credits as the source of payment.

Click buy and voila! One item crossed from your wishlist.

7 Ways to Get More Surveys on Google Rewards

If you are already a Google Rewards user, then chances are the number of the surveys you used to get previously has gone down. This is a common issue many users face after using the app for 2-3 months.

Here are seven tips for you to help you with this issue, guaranteed to get you more surveys:

Fill Correct Details

The first and foremost step is to fill accurate and correct personal information details when you sign up for Google Rewards.

Google already has your necessary information from your Google Account, and it uses the same information to send you surveys based on your age group and demographics.

Make sure you fill in your location correctly as it helps Google send you customized location-based surveys. These surveys help Google make its Google Maps a better app and update the app for your convenience.

Age groups from 18-24 get more surveys based on their internet usage and shopping trends.

Similarly, adults onwards get paid surveys based on their consumption patterns. That’s why always enter your correct age and enjoy more surveys.

Don’t forget to select English and your local language when signing up for the application as most of the surveys are designed in the English Language.

Enable Your GPS & Location Services

Google tracks your location all times and uses that information to enhance your Google Map experience.

If Google knows you are spending a considerable amount of time at some location that Google doesn’t have enough data, it will automatically send you a Google Rewards Survey.

Enabling your location services gives you a better chance of getting surveys related to where you went, did you like the place or its location.

Here are some steps you can use to enable your location services:

  1. Open your Settings and go to Lock Screen & Security OPTION.
  2. Scroll to the option Privacy and then select Location.
  3. Make sure you turn the Use location setting to On.
  4. Further, scroll down and turn On the Advanced and Google Location Accuracy.

If you are really planning to make full use of your Google Rewards App, then you should turn your location settings and your GPS on.

Connect Your WiFi

Apart from enabling your location, you should always keep your WiFi on. Whenever you are traveling to a new place, shopping mall, or even a historical place, turn your WiFi on and connect with the public WiFi.

This increases the chance of getting more surveys as Google gains more insights about your consumption patterns.

You will probably get a consumer satisfaction survey or a survey about the shops you visited in the mall.

Regularly Update Your App

Most of the time, the reason you are not getting enough surveys is your outdated application. Google fixes bugs and makes regular updates on its products. These changes are sometimes not compatible with your old cell phone versions.

That’s why all Google Rewards Users must keep their application updated all the time.

You can do this by going to your Play Store App and selecting Settings. Click on the Auto-Update Apps and make sure this setting is enabled.

An updated app increases the number of surveys you get from Google Rewards.

Answer Surveys Truthfully

A typical Google Rewards user mistake is to fill in fake information when answering surveys. Many users do this to save time. If the surveys get longer, users begin to randomly fill in details to get a few cents in their accounts.

Google places screening questions strategically throughout the survey, which users miss when they are answering questions randomly.

Doing so results in how to get more Google surveys Rewards Account blocked permanently.

Give Reviews

Another critical factor is to give reviews and feedback to the places you visit daily.

Be it a cafe or a cinema, always rate those places from your Google account. Leave reviews and customer feedback on their pages. This enables Google to send you surveys related to those specific shops and also improves your authenticity.

Use Help & Feedback Option

If the number of surveys you used to get previously has gone down from 4-5 surveys per month to none, your app has some bugs.

Simply go to the Help & feedback Option and write a short review on your Google Rewards App. All you need to do is write how your app isn’t working effectively as it used to, and send your report. Best if you throw in some cheesy lines about how you love the app, after all, who doesn’t like praises?

Try it; this hack never fails.


Google uses your phone data to send you surveys based on your information. So if your phone doesn’t have any data, Google won’t have any data, and how to get more Google surveys but won’t get enough.

With the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can get more surveys and more rewards for sure from our technology section.

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