Do you feel that your face skin is loose and requires a natural face lift? Heard about the endless benefits of a natural face lift and want to learn more? Then keep reading.

Primarily all females aim to have a sleek and contoured face. To do so, we tend to undergo different body transformation exercises to lose the cheek and chin fat. In addition, multiple invasive and non-invasive procedures allow you to reduce your face fat and achieve a natural facelift.

However, specific side effects and post-procedure care are associated with those procedures.

Women in the television and entertainment industry have sleek-looking and contoured faces, primarily due to the different facelift methods they have gone through. A lifted face naturally boosts your confidence, makes you look slimmer, and adds charm to your personality.

Well, the best way to achieve that perfect face lift without surgery is to get hold of some good exercises. These exercises will reduce your face fat but will take time and promise long-term results.

This article will discuss at home face lift methods, how to achieve facelift without surgery, and different types of face lift exercises.

Natural Face Lift Methods At Home You Can Try

We all are lazy when it comes to leaving the house and rushing to the gym, but many exercises help you lose fat and achieve a slimmer and lifted face look. You can use these at home face lift methods to achieve a natural lifted face.

Natural Face Lift Masks

Natural Face Lift Masks

Multiple masks can be made at home and help you achieve a natural glow and firm-looking face, enhance your collagen synthesis and help you achieve a firmer and glowing complexion.

You can select the ingredients based on your overall skin type and make your face lift mask. The skin-firming elements include cucumber, banana, honey, egg white, cabbage, rice flour, papaya, and blueberry.

You can make the best possible combination from this mixture. For example, you can mix egg white, cucumber, papaya, honey, and blueberry for skin tightening masks.

Releasing Muscle Tension

Our facial muscles and tendons are very much sensitive, and these muscles and tendons get affected very quickly eventually.

Dietary intake, stress, and topical treatments affect tendons and muscles. Due to this, it is always said that you keep yourself stress-free as it reflects through your facial skin after some time.

Well, there are multiple methods through which you can relax your tendons and relieve facial muscle tension. These methods include using a gentle face cream to keep your face moisturized, avoiding direct sun exposure, using a broad spectrum sunblock to help your skin block UV rays, and using soothing skin products.

Firming Your Cheeks

Firming Your Cheeks

Our cheeks cover a significant area of our face. Fuller and bubbly cheeks make your face look broad and fat. In addition, a fat cheek increase proceeds to develop a double chin. Hence, you can do face exercises to prevent bubbly cheeks from achieving a wrinkle and lifted look.

Start making a pucker face and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds. After doing so, return to the resting position but try doing four sets of this exercise. Moreover, you can also try firming your cheek muscles by filling the air in your mouth and holding it as long as you can.

Repeat this exercise for 4 to 5 days to achieve a natural face lift without surgery

Face Lift Exercises For A Natural Face Lift

Although we have mentioned multiple at home face lift methods, if you want to speed up the process of tightening up your face muscles, you can surely try the face lift exercises to achieve a firmer and natural facelift.

The following are some of the face lift exercises you can opt for to reduce your face fat and gain a better and natural lifted face.

The Brow Raiser

The Brow Raiser

The cheeks and chin are parts of your face, and your brows and forehead are also essential parts of your face. You cannot achieve a natural facelift without paying attention to these parts. One of the exercises to raise and lift your brows and achieve a firmer forehead is the brow raiser exercise. To do so:

  1. Make a closed peace sign with your index finger and middle finger; place these two fingers over your brows and the rest of the fingernails on the ending edges of your brows.
  2. Lift your brows up and down, creating resistance with your fingernails.
  3. Repeat this ten times and do at least six sets of this exercise every day.

Cheek Bone Lifting Exercise

Another exercise is the cheekbone lifting exercise which will help you achieve lifted cheekbones like your favorite star Angelina Jolie. To do so:

  1. Place your fingers over your cheekbone and lift your skin until it gets tricky.
  2. Make an “O” with your mouth. You will feel resistance and skin tightening effects at this point.
  3. Hold this for around 5 to 9 seconds and repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times daily to achieve lifted cheekbones.

The Jaw Lift

A sharp jawline is all we desire. A strong jawline automatically gives a natural facelift. To do so:

  1. Tilt your head back and look at the ceiling.
  2. After doing so, place your lower lip on your upper lip or above. When doing this, you will feel a tightening in your jaw near your ears.
  3. Hold this position for 10 seconds and complete 10 to 15 seconds of this exercise each day.

Puffer Fish Exercise

Puffer Fish Exercise

Pufferfish exercise removes your laugh lines which look untidy underneath your makeup. To do so:

  1. Close your mouth and puffer up your cheeks.
  2. After doing so, pass air from one cheek to another cheek.
  3. Repeat this exercise for 30 to 45 seconds to achieve a perfect natural facelift.

Should You Consider Getting A Natural Face Lift?

Many methods will help you achieve a natural face lift without surgery or with surgery. A naturally lifted face looks good under makeup and looks neat and sleek. Instead of opting for surgical methods and fat freezing techniques, you can surely opt for a natural face lift.

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