According to a national case study, there is an estimate of roughly 3,514,510 legal marijuana users in the United States. With that large of a number, demand for medicinal cannabis is skyrocketing.

More and more marijuana dispensaries are popping up across the country to keep up with and deliver a steady supply of cannabis. More shops mean more dispensary jobs open up for the American public who dabble in marijuana usage.

Are you interested in getting a dispensary job? Keep reading below for our handy tips and tricks that are sure to get you hired and keep you employed!

Understand Your Dispensary Job Choices

Understand Your Dispensary Job Choices

Before diving into the cannabis industry, you should know about the opportunities available to you. There are several types of in demand jobs ranging from entry-level and going up to management.

Before applying, you should decide whether you want a job as a budtender, cultivator, or extractor. A few examples of career opportunities are:

  • Budtender
  • Security Guard
  • Delivery Driver
  • Receptionist
  • Manager

Do a little research to learn more about dispensary jobs, and see whether you have the experience necessary to apply. Even if you don’t have previous marijuana dispensary skills, you can still find a dispensary job within the cannabis world.

Educate Yourself on Laws

Go into your interview with extensive dispensary education. If you exhibit knowledge of medical marijuana laws and regulations, you will impress your potential employer. Since laws vary by state, you can use state law checkers to study what types of rules your hometown enforces.

Know About Strains

Know About Strains

One of the main aspects of a dispensary is knowing all about the different types of marijuana strains. When people come into the shop, they have questions about cannabis.

Some people also want to try different strains and will ask about the various properties. You should do your best to educate yourself on as many types of cannabis as possible.

It is likely the employer will ask about your knowledge of bud in the interview. A little bit of studying will go along way and showcase your preparedness.

Don’t Go in High

As a rule of thumb, never go into work high. The same goes for an interview. It is incredibly unprofessional to show up after smoking because it alters your state of mind.

Being a budtender does not mean you can get high all of the time. Dispensaries are a business and expect you to act professionally.

Write an Excellent Resume

You will suffer without a good resume or cover letter. Take some time to re-write your resume.

This way, it looks professional and is geared toward budtending skills. It doesn’t matter if you have ever worked for a dispensary in the past.

If you have, that’s perfect! If not, you should highlight what past jobs coincide best with the work of a budtender.

Get Ready for the Background Check

You won’t get around a background check. Most employers will run a history on every potential employee because they want to ensure they hire someone trustworthy.

If you have a record with felonies or extensive drug charges, the sad news is you probably won’t be a viable candidate. However, honesty is the best policy.

Talk to your interviewer, let them know that you have a criminal record, and tell them what you are doing to make it better. You never know what may happen. The person may be more understanding than you would expect.

More Business Tips

More Business Tips

As you can see, getting a dispensary job works a little bit differently than other employment opportunities. You have to educate yourself on the various laws, strains, and jobs available to you.

As long as you know your stuff and practice basic interview questions, you will be a shoe-in for the cannabis job of your dreams. If our guide helped you today, we urge you to check out our business page for more tried and true tips!

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