2020 redefined the world and the workforce with it. After being away from the office, people have found love for their newfound freedom. Freelancing has become the new way to work for people who want to reclaim their lives.

Do you want to be a part of the freelance movement but have no idea where to start? Keep reading for our guide on how to freelance.

Decide on Your Freelance Niche


You need to know what work you want to do before you can even start to look for freelance jobs. When figuring out what type of freelancer you’re going to be, think about what makes you happy.

Have you always had an eye for design? Give freelance website design a try. If you’re an artist, there are freelance jobs available to you. If you’ve always had a knack for writing, look into freelance writing opportunities.

Freelancing doesn’t have to fall under only creative fields. You can use the skills you used in your 9 to 5 in the freelance world. Are you in engineering or public relations management? Switch to freelancing to be your own boss.

In these fields, you’ll find many specialties. Research the pay and job requirements to find what freelance job is right for you.

Build Your Portfolio

As a beginner freelancer, building a portfolio can seem intimidating. If you don’t have any professional work, it may even seem out of the question. Building a portfolio is easier than you think, and the best way to start your freelance career.

If you don’t have professional work, it’s time to get creative. You’ll need to make your own sample. This will show potential employers what you can do for them.

If you want to be a freelance website designer, create a test website to show clients. Are you an aspiring freelance writer? Write an article in the style you want to market yourself under.

We’re living in a virtual age. The best way to put your portfolio together is by creating your own website. With a website, your potential employer will be able to access your work without hassle.

Make sure to include in your website any experience and skills you may have that are valuable in your niche.

Market Yourself

Learning how to market yourself well is an often overlooked step by people looking to learn how to freelance. Freelancing means you are self-employed, so it’s your job to put yourself out there.

To establish your freelancing career, you’ll need to start cold pitching. A cold pitch is when you send an email to someone who could become your employer.

In a cold pitch, you aren’t only establishing a possible work connection. You’re also getting your name out there.

Look into companies dedicated to connecting freelancers with people looking for them. If these companies hire you, it will help you build up your portfolio.

You will find most freelance online. This doesn’t only give you a flexible schedule. It also allows you to take advantage of remote jobs.

Being online means you will need to step up your online presence. Create social media accounts. Before long, you’ll start seeing job opportunities in your inbox.

Get Connected

It’s time to get connected so you can take advantage of a welcoming community. The freelance community will help you in your career growth.

You can find Facebook groups for freelancers to join. There are associations made by freelancers for freelancers. You can even become a part of social media communities like Twitter.

Making connections with other freelancers means you’ll be able to ask questions. Seasoned professionals will give you their tips for how to start freelancing.

Staying connected to the community at large will keep you updated on current jobs. You’ll also be able to view others’ work.

Find your freelance community to up your work quality and your job prospects.

Define Your Finances

your finances

In your journey to become a freelancer, finances are the biggest change from your 9 to 5. You will no longer have a steady income source or a set one. How much you make and who you make it from are up to you.

You need to establish your pay rate. Find out what other freelance professionals in your field get paid and start from there. While you are new to freelancing, you still need to get paid well for your work

You’ll also have to find the best method of payment for your client and yourself. You can have your money sent to your bank or mailed. One of the most popular freelance methods is getting paid through PayPal.

The most significant change to your finances? You will be paying your own business taxes. You’ll need to verse yourself on your new tax system.

Organize Your Time and Make Your Space

Freelancing means more freedom, and freedom can be scary. You no longer have set hours or a set place to work. How to freelance everything is up to you.

To be successful in freelancing, you need to start an effective routine.

Set your own hours. You can be flexible with the hours you work for special events or holidays. But outlining times you need to work will make sure you keep on track.

You know when you’re most productive. Whether morning or night, create a schedule that will work for you.

You’ll also need to create a space for you to workβ€”even if it’s at your kitchen table.

Setting up a place that is only meant for you to work at will help you boost your productivity. If you’re able to, make sure your workspace is a distraction-free environment. Make your workspace your own by filling it with what you need to work well.

Creating a structured approach to where and when you work will take you to new heights as a freelancer.

Learning How to Freelance Pays Off


Learning how to freelance can be overwhelming. Take it slow and use our freelance guide to make sure you do great things as a freelancer.

Do you want more professional advice? Keep exploring our content more articles that will help your career.

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