Vaping is a popular pastime.

Indeed, almost 11 million people do it in the United States alone.

And why not? There’s a host of benefits to it. For example, vaping can help you quit those harmful cigarettes. It also means you join the vaping community and enjoy a variety of delicious flavors, and it can help you relax in stressful situations.

Clearly, there are many incentives to start vaping.

However, there are a handful of downsides to the practice too. Of them all, a leaky vaporizer is one of the most frustrating. It won’t do you any harm, but the juice can get absolutely everywhere!

Are you currently struggling with a leaking vape?

Then keep reading to discover exactly how to fix it.

1. Stop Overfilling It

Fill any container up with too much liquid and what happens?

It leaks. Obviously.

The same could be happening with your vape. If you’re in the habit of refilling the tank to the absolute brim, then stop! Only fill it to the level recommended by the manufacturer.

If you don’t, you risk your juice leaking into different parts of the device.

Likewise, leaving a slight gap provides an enhanced vaping experience too. The air helps create the pressure that’s required.

2. Stop Overtightening It

Think about your shower for a second.

You’ve turned the handle to the off position. But, for some reason, water keeps dripping out from the shower head. It’s annoying, so you keep tightening it to try and stop the problem.

It makes sense. After all, the tighter the seal, the less chance of a leak…right?

Unfortunately, that logic doesn’t hold in reality. The problem is an underlying one. Excessive tightening can actually make the situation worse.

Exactly the same is true with your vaping device. And for the same reasons too: overtightening can damage the seal that keeps the water out (more on o-rings later). Don’t get into the habit of excessively tightening the device.  

3. Stop Under-Tightening It

However, under tightening can cause a leak too.

To use the same analogy, it would be like not turning the shower faucet far enough. The seal isn’t tight enough, allowing water through.

The same holds for your vape. After all, you’ll regularly take the device apart to clean it, refill it, or change the coil.

Make sure it’s all realigned and tightened enough when you reassemble it. Any gaps can lead to leaks.

4. Replace Your O-Rings

Anyone up to speed with their plumbing will know the importance of an o-ring.

It’s exactly what you risk damaging in your shower when you continue to overtighten the faucet.

These vital seal-creating rubber rings are positioned to prevent leaks. When they get damaged in any way, then the fluid can get out.

Age can be a factor as much as overtightening. Be sure to inspect the quality of yours. They should be supple and firm. Cracks, dryness, and missing pieces are all further signs that you should replace your rings.

5. Replace Your Tank

Your tanks aren’t impervious to problems either.

These are the most rugged and durable parts of the device. After all, they’re called upon throughout the day and experience their fair share of wear and tear. It’s vital that they can stand up to a decent amount of rough treatment.

With time and excessive undue care, they can absolutely get damaged enough to cause a leak.

Give yours a good once over. Inspect it for tell-tale signs of damage. Cracks and chips can all be causes of a leak.

Spot anything? Get a replacement tank as soon as possible.

6. Fill Correctly/Avoid Chimney Fluid

You don’t want juice in your chimney!

You know- that tube that runs through the center of your device’s tank? Fluid in there will impact your vaping experience for the worse.

It can cause leaks as well.

Stop it happening by taking the appropriate care in the filling process. Don’t rush it, tilt the tank up gently, and, as we’ve already addressed, don’t put too much in.

7. Use Higher Quality Juice

Low-quality vaping juice has poor viscosity.

In simple terms, it’s too runny. Thinner liquids are more likely to leak. That’s a fact. Thicker is usually better when it comes to your e-juice.

Think about how viscous your juice currently is. Upgrading to a higher-quality, thicker juice is sure to stand you in better stead.

This Kangertech tank leaking guide has some further info if you need more help on this topic. 

8. Avoid Chimney Condensation

We’ve seen how getting liquid in the chimney is bad.

But excess vapor in there can cause problems too. With time it starts to condense. And that can end up flooding the tank and leaking all over the place.

Take a drag at the end of a vaping session to clear out all remaining vapor. And give the air passage a proper clean over time.

It also helps to use the firing button as efficiently as possible. Inhale as soon as you press it, and release it just before you stop inhaling. This will prevent condensation from building up unnecessarily.

9. Keep It Vertical

Here’s a quick tip to finish with:

Store your vaping device vertically when it’s not being used. Definitely keep it upright when it won’t be used for long periods (e.g. overnight).


Because if it isn’t, then the juice may begin to come out of the air holes. Keep the tank upright to stop it happening.

Time to Fix Your Leaking Vape!

There you have it: exactly how to fix that pesky leaking vape that’s stopping you from vaping.

Vaping is already incredibly popular in the US. The trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. If anything, the use of vaping devices is only going to increase over time. And for good reason: there’s a bunch of benefits to vaping.

However, it’s undoubtedly frustrating when something goes wrong with it. Leaking devices are a common complaint. If you are looking for a new pen then view vapes here.

We hope this article has provided all the advice and insight you need to resolve your leaky device issues!

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