People develop dry hair for a number of reasons, including exposure to weather, excessive washing, and the use of curlers or straighteners.

However it happens, you need to know how to get rid of it. Dry hair can be fixed if you follow a few simple rules.

Read on as we show you how to fix dry hair.

The Most Important Steps You Can Take to Fix Dry Hair

There are many different steps you can take to fix dry hair. Try some of the following ideas. Certain strategies may work better for some than others; experiment to see what has the most favorable effect for your hair.

Get Regular Haircuts

Getting a trim every six weeks or so will work wonders for your hair. The hairdresser will take off dead hairs and split ends, and cutting also causes your hair to grow back stronger and healthier.

Eat Well

Your hair relies on nutrients to stay looking healthy. If you don’t eat enough key vitamins, it’s likely to dry out.

Essential vitamins include Vitamin D, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E. These vitamins are found in a variety of foods. The best way to ensure that you get enough of each is to maintain a balanced diet of whole produce.

If you struggle to get nutrients in with food alone, consider using supplements. SugarBearHair side effects are non-existent, and the vitamins they contain will have your hair looking shiny in no time. They’re also vegetarian!

Limit Your Hair Dryer/Straightener/Curler Use

Heat is bad news for your hair. If you use these tools very regularly, your hair will lose its shine.

If you have the time, try to let your hair dry naturally, or dry it with a towel. If you can dry your hair even partially without a hairdryer, this is preferable.

Consider restricting your use of curlers or straighteners to weekends or events.

Consider Your Shampooing Regime

Dry hair is caused by depletion of natural oils. Since shampoo is designed to remove these natural oils, it will leave your hair feeling dry if you overuse it.

If you normally wash your hair every day, consider cutting back. Depending on your hair type, you should wash your hair 2-4 times a week.

When you first cut back, you may notice that your hair becomes especially greasy for a time. This is a natural reaction, as your body is used to producing more oils to balance out your washing. It will even out after a week or two.

In terms of conditioners, leave-in conditioners can work wonders for dry hair. Focus on the ends of your hair, as too much conditioner at the roots can leave hair looking greasy.

Use Hair Masks

Hair masks are formulas that encourage healthy hair growth. Using one every week or so will keep your hair looking fresh and healthy.

Look for ingredients like keratin and argan oil, as these have powerful hydrating effects on hair.

Keep Your Hair Looking Fresh & Healthy

Nobody likes to see their locks looking tired or lifeless. However, if you follow our advice, you can fix dry hair in no time!

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