Thus far in 2018, the revenue figures for the U.S. fashion segment stands at about 103 million dollars. Despite this, many people struggle to get the right fashion trend or style. If you are in this situation, there are tips you can use to find your own fashion style.

People upgrade their wardrobe for several reasons. These include replacing clothes that don’t fit or are worn out. You might also have a full closet yet fail to find something you’d like to wear.

Moreover, your clothes could be old or no longer match your other clothes. They could also be out of sync with your current lifestyle. Last, there could be duplicates filling up your closet.

Yet, the one challenge that rises above all is how to find your own fashion style. Keep reading to learn some tips.

Tips on How to Find your Own Fashion Style

Even though there are many 2018 fashion trends you don’t want to miss, they still have to match your style. Unfortunately, it’s tough to decide what one’s style should be. It feels like you should just copy the trends and keep changing to match them.

That shouldn’t be the case. Here are some tips to help you find your own fashion style and build a new wardrobe from scratch:

1. Get a Fashion Clothing Designer

If you have money to spare, your easiest option is to hire a fashion clothing designer. This designer will ask you questions and figure out what style would suit you. They’ll also push you to try clothes you would not have considered.

Plus, they’ll tell you which clothes work best with your body. Sometimes, people can have a great style but ruin it by wearing clothes that don’t fit. Thus, listen to the advice you get and use it to create your own style.

As a bonus, a fashion clothing designer will know what type of accessories you should use.

People tend to have concerns about what they’ll match their clothes to. With a designer, you won’t have the indecisiveness that can ruin great fashion pieces.

2. Discover Who You Are

Have you ever worn something that didn’t “feel” right? It could have been a great outfit yet you weren’t at peace. Why? The answer is simple; the style didn’t match who you are.

Many people are walking around wearing clothes they don’t like. This means they are subconsciously trying to please other people. Well, it’s time to focus on you now.

Research different types of clothes and find what you’d like to wear. Try out new designs and see whether you like them. The more you do it, the more you’ll discover your evolving sense of style.

3. Consult a Design Agency

One area that may be difficult is choosing the colors for our clothes. That’s where a great design company like Studio Misfits comes in. This agency specializes in fabric and print design as well as edgy apparel design.

As such, you’ll be able to get contemporary clothes designed to your taste. You can also ask them to design clothes that you can use for branding your business.

4. Be Inspired By a Theme

Finding your style can be easier if you follow a theme. Examples of themes include classic, chic, vintage, and street styles. Others go for western, bohemian, artsy, or elegant styles.

In each of these themes, you’ll be wearing different fabrics, colors, and styles. You’ll have a look that defines every other fashion purchase you make. This includes your choice of accessories.

5. Think About Your Professional and Personal Image

Being your own fashion guru becomes simpler when you think about your image. This means you’ll go for brand names, which fit your professional or personal image.

For example, tech-loving people will be comfortable wearing t-shirts and jeans. These clothes may have company logos such as Apple or Android. Those who are into culture may wear African or tribal designs.

Others will base their fashion style on a high-class image. Thus, they’ll wear clothes and suits from brands such as Armani.

6. Sign Up to Online Styling Services

Another great and unexpected way to find your style is by using online styling services. These online companies help you pick out an entire look and then ship it to you. You can preview different looks and combinations online before deciding to buy.

Moreover, many of them allow you to return any clothes that don’t work for you. With time, these interactions allow you to define your fashion style. It also gives you combination ideas you wouldn’t have thought of.

7. Consider Your Age But Don’t Let It Sabotage Your Style

In the past, the message was always for people to “dress their age”. This message deterred older people from embarrassing themselves by wearing young people’s styles. Now, there’s a way younger and older people can trade fashion styles and still make it work.

For example, some young people try styles from the 50s and 60s without looking silly. In other cases, some mothers look like their daughters when they both wear the same look. Thus, pick a vibrant style that works for any era.

Plus, you can also mix designs from different eras. This creates a new look that will be unique to you. You won’t worry about bumping into people who are wearing similar clothes.

8. Opt for Simplicity

Dressing simply takes away the stress of trying too hard to pick a style. For instance, you can look good wearing denim jeans and a white shirt or t-shirt. Then, you top it off with a watch, necklace, or earrings.

This idea can work in professional settings as well. Just buy many white shirts and different colored suits. If you are a man, buy solid color ties. This simplicity makes it easier to match different clothes and thereby look great.

9. Hire a Tailor for Finishes

Hire a tailor to help you clean up your look. If something you like doesn’t fit, the tailor will make the adjustments. They can also use unique designs to patch up torn clothes thereby creating a new look for you.

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With the tips above, you’ll be able to find your own fashion style. Remember, you have to challenge yourself to try styles you wouldn’t have chosen before. Even so, everything will be great once you get clothes you like that are also comfortable.

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