Exhibiting at a trade show is vital for business growth because it adds to the credibility and your brand’s visibility. Representing your brand, its products, and its services at a trade show gives you a fantastic platform for reaching out to new potential clients, forming stronger bonds with existing clients, and building up your name in its respected industry.

In order to have a successful trade show experience, you need a seasoned international trade show logistics company with all the resources, specialists and services necessary for running a trade show that will launch your brand to that next level. Here are some vital tips to finding a truly skilled trade show logistics company that will offer you the best service imaginable.

Find a Trade Show Logistics Company Offering All Services Under One Roof

One common reason why trade shows and corporate events have major hiccups is lack of communication between logistics providers. When brand managers hire one company to handle air freight forwarding logistics and another provider to manage to the warehouse and crating, automatically the doors open for lapses in communication. Your trade show logistics provider should offer ALL methods of freight forwarding including air, sea, rail, and trucking. They should also offer passenger air charters, customs brokerage, ATA carnets, warehousing, shipping and crating, and high-end software management systems. The trade show logistics provider should also offer in-house insurance solutions.

Global Reach and Resources

When vetting these trade show logistics companies ask for a list of their freighting, storage and transit partners and their location. If the company has warehouses all over the face of the globe, an international infrastructure of freighting capabilities mapped out to accommodate both common and uncommon routes with endless opportunities for planes, ships, and trucking fleets to help move exhibition cargo and the people that empower your brand.

Communication and Vibe are Key to a Good Fit

It is of extreme importance that the trade show logistics company and your internal touring manager gell together. Have a few meetings and pay attention to how easy communication is between your manager and the company representatives. You also want to get a good read on the vibe and energy that surrounds the people who will be running your trade show logistics. Generally speaking, one’s personality and business ethics play closely together and this can help give you a good read on the quality of service to expect.

Do they Offer a Customized Strategy?

Every brand is different and has a unique place in its industry. That said, a company that offers a single rinse and repeat strategy to their clients will never deliver flawless results. When looking for a company that delivers trade show logistics make sure the strategy is tailored to meet your specific needs. The company needs to fully understand your goals and devise a custom approach to ensure the budget and window of time is respected. Remember, your brand offers a special voice and something that no other competitor brings to the table. In order to showcase your products and services at a trade show, the logistics need to reflect the originality that makes your name shine.

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