If you are looking for a rehabilitation program then you are in the right place. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to addiction recovery. Every addict comes to addictions for a variety of reasons, from a variety of backgrounds. So when an addiction treatment facility attempts to treat all addictions in the same way, they may not be as effective for every patient.

At United Recovery Project, we want to not only treat the addiction but the underlying psychological issues that make our patients vulnerable to drug addiction in the first place. We use a wide range of therapies and form a customized treatment plan for each patient. The programs we offer include:

Detox and Rehabilitation Programs

In some cases, patients may need to safely detox from drugs or alcohol through an inpatient setting. In these instances, medical professionals will provide prescription drugs while tapering patients off drugs and alcohol.

Group Therapy

There are also residential rehabilitation programs designed to help patients learn to live without drugs or alcohol. These programs focus on building a plan to avoid drugs and alcohol and live a full life without these substances. It often goes hand-in-hand with detox. A detox may be the first step to recovery from drug addiction. After a period of drug detox, patients can begin to address underlying issues to prevent substance abuse in the future.

Group Therapy

2019 findings from the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration found that 2 million people found support for their substance abuse disorders in group therapy. Substance addiction recovery can feel incredibly isolating, and group therapy offers you an opportunity to see that you’re not alone. You can receive support and validation while supporting others in your group, as well.

Partial-Day Program

A partial-day program is a mix of inpatient and residential treatment. In a partial-day program, you will go to an inpatient facility to receive treatment or therapy for part of the day before returning to a residential treatment facility or even your own home. There are also intensive outpatient programs (IOP) offering support for addiction recovery outside of an inpatient facility.

These are programs that may be helpful for patients dealing with a less severe addiction or patients already in the middle of their recovery journey. For instance, if you went through a rehabilitation program but recently relapsed, a partial-day program or an IOP may help you.

Drug Relapse Prevention

Relapses can feel embarrassing, but they’re also incredibly common. The important thing is to do your best to prevent them and to ensure that when you do relapse, that slip doesn’t become a slide back into addiction. A relapse prevention program can help address the points at which you might relapse and form a plan to avoid it. This offers you armor against the urge to relapse in the future.

Sober Living Homes

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Sober living homes are a great option for patients going through outpatient treatment who still want structure and support in their daily lives. With job opportunities and comfortable, safe living spaces, patients can help to adjust to life after rehabilitation from addiction. There are rules and curfews to offer structure. This can be the last phase before you return fully to your life in the outside world.

LGBTQ Addiction Treatment

Studies have found that LGBTQ people tend to have higher rates of substance abuse. LGBTQ people who have been rejected by their friends or family or lost their homes due to their identity may turn to drugs and alcohol to numb feelings of depression or loneliness. It’s important for LGBTQ people to feel validated in their identity throughout their recovery process, which is why LGBTQ friendly therapy programs are an essential part of what URP does.

Alumni Program

Have you gone through the entire rehabilitation process? You can still have the community that helped you through your recovery. With the alumni program, you can keep in touch with your community through meetings, events, and newsletters. The alumni program also offers clean time celebrations and support for those who worry they may be near relapsing.

Rehab Programs for Men and Women

Drug and alcohol addiction can happen to anyone, but it may impact men and women differently. For instance, society often discourages men from asking for help, making recovery difficult. Women who have experienced sexual abuse may not feel safe in a co-ed rehabilitation center. This is why it’s important to offer men’s treatment programs and women’s treatment programs for those who need them.

Find the Right Rehabilitation Program For Your Needs


United Recovery Project offers luxury rehabilitation in Southern Florida because we know that only when patients feel safe in their environment can they begin the hard work of recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. We can help you find the right addiction treatment program for you today.

Give us a call at (954) 429-5026 or contact us online today to get started.

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