Did plastic surgery surge or decline in 2021?

While it would seem like cosmetic surgical procedures would decline because of the pandemic, that didn’t happen. Instead, there were significant increases in breast augmentation/reduction, liposuction, etc.

Facelifts and brow lift procedures also surged. Now, if you’re wondering how to find a plastic surgeon, you’re in luck. Here, we’ll share some tips to help you vet potential surgeon candidates.

Go Beyond “Plastic Surgeon Near Me” Results

“Near me” results are convenient when hiring a plumber, HVAC contractor, mechanic, etc.

However, choosing a plastic surgeon requires more than googling “best plastic surgeon + your area.” Remember, plenty of doctors are qualified to perform plastic surgery procedures, and they each have their area/s of expertise. For example, some doctors specialize in Asian plastic surgery procedures, such as blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty.

Cosmetic Surgery vs. Plastic Surgery

After considering the type of procedure you want, you can narrow your list of potential plastic surgeons by looking at their patients’ before and after pictures. You can also check how previous patients rate their work through online reviews or by reaching out to them personally.

Choose Someone Who Puts Patient Safety First

All surgeries come with risks. However, you significantly reduce that risk when choosing a credentialed plastic surgeon.

That’s why a surgeon’s membership in professional organizations is crucial. Organizations such as the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and The Aesthetic Society evaluate their members based on the number of cases handled, quality of surgery, and ethics. If you opt for a plastic surgeon who’s a member of these organizations, you can trust they adhere strictly to safety standards.

Plastic surgery

Another way to tell if a doctor puts patient safety first is if they have access to accredited and state-licensed surgical facilities. After all, maintenance for these facilities is exceptional, given that these are used for surgical procedures.

Get Tips on How to Find a Plastic Surgeon, but Trust Your Gut

Just as you do your homework on which plastic surgery options suit you best, you can also take your time finding the best plastic surgeon who’ll deliver the results you want. Talk to your friends and relatives and ask for their recommendations. Let them tell you about their experiences, as each of those can be pretty unique.

When you have a list, set up meetings with each surgeon, and be sure to ask lots of questions. You wouldn’t want to go with a doctor who makes you feel uncomfortable. The same applies to their staff.

Don’t forget how important it is to have that connection or rapport with your plastic surgeon so that you’ll have no qualms during and post-procedure.

Avoid Bargain Shopping

Plastic surgery procedures are an investment. If you choose a doctor who offers deep discounts, ask yourself what recourse is available to you if something goes wrong.

Avoid Bargain Shopping

Some people even go to other countries to get plastic surgery, but they often end up regretting their decision, especially those that fell for plastic surgery tourism scams.

Are You Ready to Find “The One?”

Now that you know some tips on how to find a plastic surgeon, are you ready to make a list and consult with each of them?

For more tips on finding a plastic surgeon, you can research further online or check our other posts.

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