Whether you’re one of the 58 percent of Americans who see a dentist yearly or someone who can’t even remember your last visit, finding the right dentist will benefit your oral health. Not only will seeing a dentist regularly detect problems early, but you can reduce the need for more expensive dental work later on.

If you feel stuck wondering how to find a good dentist, you’re not alone. Depending on your needs, location, and preferences, the task to find a dentist can require a lot of research and trial and error.

Use these five tips to get the best results on your dentist search.

1. Know the Type of Dentist You Need

While you might think any good dentist will work, this may not be best for your situation. You can find general dentists who take care of most tasks, pediatric dentists for children, orthodontists for teeth alignment needs, and even specialists for oral surgery, root canals, and implants.

If you just need someone for regular checkups, then a general dentist will do. However, don’t discount specialists if you have a complex dental issue to address or want cosmetic treatments. And in cases of emergencies, be sure to fix painful oral issues with the Dentist in El Cajon.

2. Ask Your Contacts Which Dentists They Recommend

Are you wondering, “How do I find a dentist near me easily?” Well, try asking people you know which dentists they love and why. If you don’t have much luck with personal contacts, try other places like Facebook community groups, Yelp, or local websites.

When looking at people’s suggestions, keep note of which dentists get recommended the most and any specific positives mentioned. Don’t forget to ask for honest answers and explain that you want to know any downsides too.

3. Check With Your Insurance Company

Once you’ve found some highly recommended dentists, check with your dental insurance to make sure they’re covered. You’ll usually find a provider search tool that provides this information and can even lead to you more potential dentists.

If they’re not in the network, find out what benefits you could still use. You might find it worth the extra cost for a great dentist.

4. Research Your Prospective Dentist Carefully

Take the recommended dentists and go research them as much as possible. Check out their websites to see services offered, office features, staff credentials, and any awards or reviews displayed.

Don’t stop with just the official websites, though. Check out business review websites, their social media pages, the Better Business Bureau, and even dentistry websites.

5. Set Up a Consultation

Whether you find a dentist by insurance, personal recommendation, or online research, nothing beats actually meeting them to get an idea of whether they’ll be good for you. So, call them or check their website to set up an initial appointment.

This consultation may include an initial exam or just a time to chat with the dentist about your issues. They may also discuss dental exam benefits with you.

If they seem personable and fit all your preferences, then you’ve found a good dentist for you!

Now You Know How to Find a Dentist

The work needed to find an experienced family dentist near you can sound daunting. However, following this guide will save you time and avoid needing to try out many dentists to find a good fit.

If you do want to experiment with different dentists, try to find options with a free consultation. That way, you don’t have to use your dental benefits on the wrong choice.

For more dental tips, check our other oral health posts.

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