Back in the day, finding a corporate office number was as easy as looking through the Yellow Pages. Not that looking through the Yellow Pages was too easy. It involved going through tens of thousands of contacts or more, just to find a single phone number.

Nowadays, companies aren’t so keen on giving their contact number but instead give their email addresses, social media accounts, and the likes. Plus, the Yellow Pages stopped its publication back in 2019 after it decided to go fully digital.

These days finding a corporate number is much harder than you’d think. However, it’s not that hard if you look in the right places. If you’re wondering what these right places are, read on, and we’ll show you.

Ways to Find a Corporate Phone Number

You don’t have to rack your brains over finding a company’s phone number. Here are a few techniques you can use to get what you’re looking for.

Check the Phone Directory

You shouldn’t rule out the phone directory just because nobody uses it these days. You’d be surprised at how many people use the phone directory today. The only difference is that instead of a physical one, you’ll find a digital phone directory.

The digital versions contain everything that the physical copies do. The difference is digital phone directories are easier and faster to use. All you have to do is type the company’s name on the search box, click enter, and voila! You have the company’s phone number.

If you don’t find the phone number, then maybe it isn’t listed in that specific phone directory. However, don’t worry, you can try the other methods listed below.

The second way you can find a company’s contact information and corporate phone number is by googling it. Type the company’s name in the search box and follow it with “corporate headquarters phone number.” Click search and check whether you’ll get any helpful results.

If you don’t find the actual phone number, at least you’ll find links to a few helpful resources. Maybe you’ll find the company’s contact page and contact them using their email instead.

Visit the Company Website

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two decades, the company’s website gives you all the contact information you need. Plus, it takes no longer than two minutes to find the company’s contact, but not always.

All you have to do is Google the company’s name and click on the company website on the results. Look for the ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ page and click on it. There’s a high chance you’re going to find the company’s phone number hidden in plain sight.

If you don’t find it, however, you can try the next technique.

Call a Branch or Retail Location

If the company in question has branches or a few retail locations, then call one of them. Preferably call a branch or retail location that’s nearest to you. After calling them, ask for the corporate phone number and see how that works for you.

In most cases, you’ll need a valid reason before they can give you the phone number, which you probably already have. Also, it might take a while before you get the corporate number, but it’s worth a shot.

Look at Recent Company Press Releases

Companies typically leave some contact information on their press releases. There’s a high chance that you’ll find the company’s corporate number on them.

So how do you find a company’s press release?

Finding press releases is as easy as googling for them. They’ll show up on the company’s website and local news websites. If you can’t find the phone number, at least you’ll get an email address that can help your search for the phone number.

Try is a website that contains contact information for various companies. You can use its search tool to look for the company’s phone number.

It may not have the most robust data set compared to other online resources, but it’s worth the time. A quick search will get you the corporate number, but not for all companies.

Use Paid Lookup Tools

Paid lookup tools are an incredible last resort when all other alternatives don’t succeed. These are premium search services that give you accurate results for corporate phone numbers. Not only do they give you the phone number but any other important company information that you may need.

You may be charged a one-time or a subscription fee for these services, but some services are free. Most companies give a free trial period then ask you to pay after the trial period expires. Others give you a limited number of free searches; then you have to pay for the rest.

Some of the most reliable lookup tools include eGrabber and Jigsaw. Services like give details about the company’s geographical location so you can visit the headquarters physically.

Use Other Contact Alternatives

If you don’t have much luck with the above methods, then your only option is looking for another contact alternative. First, find another company number on the listings to get to the corporate number. If that doesn’t work, then you can use the readily available company email that you’ll find on the company’s website.

If you can get the company’s location, then drop by and see if you can get the corporate number. Contacting the company using email or other alternatives may take a while, so don’t be too impatient.

Finding a Corporate Office Number Is a Breeze

With the above methods, finding a corporate office number should be a piece of cake. It may take a while to get the corporate number with some methods, but just be patient. Don’t hesitate to visit the company location physically and get the corporate number.

If you succeed in your quest, don’t forget to share the information with your social circle. Keep reading our blog for more informative content!

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