What do insulin, some antibiotics, and even arthritis medications have in common? They’re all on the growing list of medications that are approved for at-home injection. That means that you as a patient can give yourself an effective injection, no trip to the doctor needed.

Whether you just received a new diagnosis or you’re starting an injectable medication, the first step is learning how to fill a syringe. Then, you can administer your prescription medication with confidence.

No matter the reason, if you need to learn how to use a syringe, keep reading. You’ll learn the steps to completing this basic medical skill safely.

Prep Your Supplies

Prep Your Supplies

The first step to safe syringe use is to gather your supplies and prepare your administration area. You should:

  • Assemble your vial of medication, syringe, alcohol swab, and cotton ball if using
  • Create a clean surface to work on
  • Place your sharps container within arms’ reach
  • Wash your hands

Make sure to use a syringe that is appropriate to the size of your dose of medication. Most doses fit in 10ml syringes.

Check Your Medication

Injection medications are associated with more errors than any other medication. Not only that, but they account for an estimated two-thirds of serious medication error injuries. It’s crucial to check your medication and make sure you’re administering it properly.

You should:

  • Read the label to make sure you have the right medicine at the right concentration
  • Look at the expiry date to make sure your medication is still safe to use
  • Look for signs that the medication is unsafe, like changes in its color
  • Especially if you have a multi-dose vial, check for contaminants like small floating pieces in the medication bottle

Always check your medication, even if you’re sure that it’s the correct one. This could protect you from harmful medication injuries.

Fill Your Syringe

Fill Your Syringe

Now, you’re ready to fill your syringe. Take the plastic cap off of the bottle and scrub the rubber stopper with an alcohol swab.

Before sticking the syringe into the bottle, pull back the plunger to the same amount as the medication dose you need to draw up. For instance, if you need 3ml of medication, pull the plunger back to the 3ml line.

Hold your syringe like a dart. Stick it into the rubber stopper. Push firmly so the needle tip doesn’t fall out.

Inject the air in your syringe into the vial. Now, hold the medication bottle upside-down in the air with the needle still sticking into it. This makes sure that all the liquid falls to the bottom of the bottle.

With the needle tip below the level of the liquid, pull back on the plunger until you have the amount of medication you need.

How to Fill a Syringe? Now You Know

How to Fill a Syringe

Beginning to use a syringe can be intimidating, but with this article, you can make syringe use look easy. Now you know how to fill a syringe the right way so you get your medication safely.

A new medical diagnosis can be a learning curve. If you need to learn more medical basics, keep clicking through our blog. You’ll find more health care information that you can use right away.

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