While everyone may love Mad Men, the Internet, and the rise of machine learning have forever changed the worlds of marketing and advertising. Not only does a staggering amount of marketing and advertising happen online, but computer science nows plays a crucial role in their placement.

For a basic example, look at website ad networks. These ad providers analyze your website content and place ads that should appeal to your visitors.

Programmatic media buying takes this process to a whole new level. So how do you explain it to your boss?

The Basics of Programmatic Media Buying

The main key in explaining programmatic media buying begins by starting with familiar topics. That means focusing on things like demographics, psychographics, buyer profiles, and targeting. It also means initially steering clear of issues like RTB meaning and algorithms.

Lead your pitch by explaining that you start by building out specific buyer profiles based on the usual factors. So you have profiles built around single, middle-class black men or married blue-collar white women. You’ll build targeted ads around these profiles to maximize traction.

Once you get your boss on board with all this familiar terminology, then you move into the computer-based specifics.

Algorithms and RTB

The core of programmatic media buying is the algorithm. Make a point here that you build the algorithm around your familiar buyer profiles. These profiles will drive when and where the ads go, as well as the likely viewers.

An algorithm built around college-age video game buyers will focus on media channels and timing that coincides with college-age buyers. For example, you might aim for late evening YouTube programmatic ad buys.

You get your programmatic advertising through real-time bidding that happens automatically, based around your budget and your intended audience.

Close with the Benefits

Media buying once required extensive negotiations. It could mean countless phone calls and even an in-person visit to seal the deal. The automated nature of the programmatic buying makes the process much more efficient.

That means your team will spend more time working on ads and marketing campaigns and less time negotiating deals. It reduces problems with human error, such as someone forgetting to assign advertising time to your ads.

You can also expect a better return on investment since your marketing reaches a much tighter market segment than it otherwise might.

Getting Your Boss on Board

Getting your boss on board with programmatic media buying means meeting them where they’re comfortable. It doesn’t matter who comfortable you are with computer science, your boss probably doesn’t have the background for it.

That means focusing on the elements your boss will recognize and understand first. Give them a very basic overview of the technical elements of the process. Then close strong with the benefits they can expect from embracing this approach.

Approaching your boss this way minimizing friction from the knowledge gap. It also maximizes your odds of getting them on board.

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