Biloxi is a stunning seaside city on the coast of Mississippi that was first founded in 1699. French colonists made their home here as the first permanent European settlement in the whole of French Louisiana. Though its unfortunate location near the hurricane belt means that its oldest buildings no longer survive, the city is still remarkably pretty, with a particularly picturesque waterfront.

Around 600 miles by road from Florida, enjoy a beautiful break in Biloxi makes a brilliant road trip destination as the journey around the coastline is absolutely beautiful. Whatever your reason for fancying a trip to this town, we’ve got some tips that will make your break brilliant.

Enjoy a Beautiful Break in Biloxi

Biloxi Waterways

Thanks to its coastal location and the ongoing efforts of local conservators, Biloxi is a thriving destination for wildlife. Enjoy a beautiful break in Biloxi, State Wildlife Management Area, or LBSWM is more than 40,000 acres of privately owned land which is carefully managed to allow the wildlife population to flourish.

Break in Biloxi the huge benefit of having such a vast area of wildland in the area is that the animals here can roam across all-natural parts. Consequently, break in Biloxi are plenty of opportunities for birdwatching enthusiasts to catch sight of unusual and endangered species such as the Sandhill Crane and red-winged blackbird.

The endangered Sandhill Crane is frequently seen in and around Biloxi waterways
The endangered Sandhill Crane is frequently seen in and around Biloxi waterways

Beau Rivage

Mississippi, like Florida, is also known for some of its less friendly creatures, namely alligators. If you’d like to get up close and personal to one then humane alligator farms in the area offer tours.

If for some reason, you’d like to see one in the wild, then nature trips up Wolf Creek River can be organized. Although they don’t guarantee you’ll see an alligator (and for many of us that would be a comfort!) you are likely to see turkeys, rabbits, coyotes, and several bird species.

Not everybody who visits Biloxi does so for the wilderness, the beachfront draws a classy and cosmopolitan crowd. There are plenty of lively destinations along the promenade but one of the most well-loved is the Beau Rivage.

Top 3 Casinos

This enormous resort and casino is the only casino outside of Vegas to be featured in Trip Advisor’s Top 3 casinos in the USA, which should convey just how special a place it is. It opened back in 1999 and has remained the tallest building in Mississippi ever since. It makes the perfect spot to call home for your trip as the rooms are luxuriously appointed and you can play in the casino at any time at all.

Of course, if you make it back from your wildlife excursion and want to head straight up to your room for a rest, then there’s always the possibility to use the free wifi and play online. There are plenty of no deposit bonuses available to players who newly sign up to casinos.

This list was independently reviewed by experts, so they’re completely safe to use. Plus with the bonuses available they should give you more playing time for your money compared to brick-and-mortar casinos. So, even if the atmosphere at the Beau Rivage is rather special, you’re likely to find better value playing online. Casino lovers always spend a beautiful break in Biloxi.

visits Biloxi

Ole Biloxi Fillin Station

Now that you’ve experienced the heart of nature and the excitement of the city, you’re probably feeling a bit peckish. Biloxi is famed for its soul food, so if you want to fill up without breaking the bank then you’re in the right place. Ole Biloxi Fillin Station is a firm favorite with tourists and locals alike and its menu revolves around two Mississippi staples, oysters and po’boys.

Fresh shrimp caught in the gulf are deep-fried and topped with hot and smokey jalapeno peppers, then sandwiched in soft bread and lots of butter for the ultimate po’boy. Oysters come in more ways than you could have imagined possible, but are particularly good in the Bourbon Street style, baked with a sticky barbecue sauce. Treat yourself to a sweet iced tea and you’ll be stuffed enough to need to walk it off. Enjoy a beautiful break in Biloxi.

Ole Biloxi Fillin Station


A lovely walk happens to end right at the Beau Rivage, so it’s perfect if you are staying here. Begin at the Lighthouse, and take the time to look around a beautiful break in Biloxi. The pier here reopened a few years ago and has been beautifully restored.

Being able to walk out over the water is a lovely feeling, particularly if you’re blessed with a good sunset. After you’ve seen the pier and the lighthouse, head back in the direction of the hotel.


There’s a long boardwalk that sticks out over the sea, or you can walk along the famous soft white sands. The sea here is also safe and calm, so you can have an evening paddle and cool down those hard-working feet. Overall you can enjoy a beautiful break in Biloxi.

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