Getting your college degree abroad can save thousands upon thousands of dollars for American students.  Several colleges are free in countries such as Thailand, Brazil, Turkey, and Iceland.  Other countries have a tiny tuition fee, while some only cost about $7,000 per year. That is an astronomical difference from what you would pay at just about every American college you can find.  You should check the department of education list for which countries and schools offer financial aid for foreign students as well.  There are just under 1,000 colleges and universities abroad that U.S. citizens can obtain some form of financial aid.  You will need to fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) form.

Earning an Economics Degree Abroad

Another route you can take is looking into JC economics tuition in Singapore.  Mr. Kelvin Hong will guide you through figuring out how to make the best of tuition abroad.  He’s been helping students since 1998 with rave reviews. Students have gained valuable experience from working with Mr. Hong in Singapore.  Hong has a long list of credentials and certifications to assure his professionalism.

Using a College tutor

Using a tutor can take some of the burden off you while going through the college process.  A good tutor will serve a a guide as you embark on your matriculation in college abroad It is best to get a tutor in the country in which you will be studying.  This way they can guide you about the cultures, customs, and tendencies of college life in their respective country. The tutor you choose can also be of help when  it comes to tuition. They should know of any loopholes in each school that you may take advantage of as a foreign student.

List of places Students can Earn their College Degree Abroad

Here is a list of the top places for students to earn their college degree abroad while not paying any tution or very little tuition per year.


Norway’s universities are mostly free of charge.  Most of them do charge a semester fee, but it’s only a couple hundred dollars.  You should be mindful of Norway’s higher cost of living than some other European countries as well.


Spain is nearly free for students looking to earn their degrees abroad.  Autonomous University of Madrid and Global Business School in Barcelona offer programs for those studying abroad that ranges between $1,000 and $2,000 per year.


France offers a great number of English speaking courses at its public universities.  France is known to have the lowest tuition fees around the world.  


Germany has an abundance of international students studying in its schools.  All of their higher education is totally free, so many students from America and elsewhere decide to matriculate in Germany every year.  Here you can get a very high quality of education without paying a dime. So, the appeal is huge for young college students looking for study abroad program offered by CEA.

Earning your college degree abroad can be extremely rewarding in many facets of your life, and doing it while not shelling out your life savings or burying yourself in debt is a great way to go about it.  

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