Have you ever wondered how some people look radiant when the humidity has you looking like you got caught in someone’s sprinkler system?

Believe it or not, it’s not their special genes, but rather their lack of jeans. They simply know how to dress in the summer.

Choosing your summer wardrobe is a science that needs some examination. 

You can look cool, comfortable, and stylish by following these summer survival clothing tips. 

How Clothes Can Make You Hot

Let’s first think about how you keep warm in the winter. This will help you understand how to reverse your strategy for the hot, hazy, and humid summer months. 

Although you might think that clothes are purely decorative fashion, they actually serve a purpose. You choose wool for your gloves and hats, and cashmere for your sweaters to keep air from coming and going inside your clothes in the cold. 

You may also choose dark clothes in the winter and layers to attract the sun and provide extra protection from the chilly wind.

The same concept works for the summer. But, instead of trapping the warmth, you want to release hot air. In this article, you will see that keeping cool is just as easy as staying toasty.

Common Summer Mishaps

No matter how easy staying cool can be, there are loads of hot weather clothing mishaps. 

Some people view summer clothing as being half or nearly naked. See-through clothes, short skirts, and bras as t-shirts make you look like you forgot some of your clothes at home. 

It doesn’t have to come to this extreme fashion nightmare. There are other options that will make you look like a million bucks.

Choosing You Fabric Smartly

Before choosing any outfit, extreme hot weather clothing fabrics should first be observed. Read the label to find out its fabric combination. 

Natural fabrics are lighter and airier than synthetic ones. Organics like cotton, linen, hemp, and silk belong to nature, so they know how to combat the elements of heat.

Conforming to Your Body Type

Being comfortable in the summer also means buying clothes that fit right. This helps you accentuate the right parts of your body while making you feel confident.

And with confidence and comfort, your nerves remain calm, which reduces sweating. 

Loose Clothes Means More Room to Breath

Whenever possible, choose clothes that keep you cool by picking loose over tight. More air can circulate through your fabric when it is not sticking to your skin.

Plus, skin-tight clothes mean they do not move. Those parts of your body never get exposure to air and get agitated when it’s hot.

There is Such a Thing as Summer Underwear

Fabric choice doesn’t end at the surface. Your undergarments can be your first line of defense of cooling clothes for hot weather. 

Switching from thick padded bras to a soft bralette, synthetic bottoms to cotton, and briefs to boxers can make you feel lighter and easy breezy. 

Release the Heat with Open Shoes

Don’t forget that heat is released through your feet. And when they get sweaty, your total comfort is ruined. 

Try to avoid socks and sport shoes at all cost unless you are working out. Open toes shoes are best, but avoid too many straps that cover large portions of your feet. Plastic can also make your feet steamy, so go organic from head to toe.

Skip the Heavy Accessories

There is nothing worse than jewelry getting in your way when you are perspiring. Your dangling accessories can even be the cause of your misery when you choose heavy metals, giving extra mass to your body.

This advice shouldn’t stop with necklaces and bracelets, your purse choice can also be adjusted for the weather. Choose small handbags that do not cling to your body. Leather items can also be a poor option as it absorbs heat.

Block the Rays

Not all accessories should be avoided in the summer sun. A brimmed hat can keep your head and face cool while protecting your skin. 

Even a light scarf serves as a head wrap to keep your hair off your back. You can also use fabric to keep your shoulders covered from too much sun exposure while soaking up any excess sweat.

Add a Splash Stylish Color

It is a fact of science that the lighter the color, the less heat it absorbs from the sun. So, ditch the black and add some color to your summer outfits.

Not only will this keep you cool, but it will also add to the bright joyous feeling of summertime. Don’t be afraid of patterns, prints, and hot colors that you never tried before. 

Transitional Work Attire for Indoor and Outdoor Comfort

Working indoors poses a problem with your wardrobe because you go from scorching heat to chilly air condition. Keeping the same old black cardigan at your desk doesn’t scream fashionable.

Colorful bandage dresses are a perfect way to look professional and while showing a little bit of skin to keep cool. Adding a wrap to your hot weather dresses can remove the chill when you go indoors to work.

How to Dress Casual Yet Appropriate

Once you get home, keep the style going while remaining comfortable with cute shorts and a t-shirt. Just beware that too short and too tight looks and feels uncomfortable. 

Remember to choose soft, airy fabrics that fit like a glove. You should not feel awkward when you step out in public, so choose clothes that match and that are not worn out.

Switching Your Seasonal Wardrobe

Now that you know how to dress for the brutal heat of the summer, the next thing you want to do is get organized. Put away clothes that do not fit the criteria above and should be put on the hallway shelf until winter.

This will keep cool clothes always in reach, so you never have to question whether your outfit fits the weather.

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