Did you know that an estimated 10 percent of businesses in the United States of America do not invest in any form of marketing? One of the most effective options that you can use if you’re working with a small marketing budget is a hanging banner design. Most of your customers live within close range of your small business, and your banner design ideas are cheaper than other marketing options.

If you want to create a banner that allows you to capitalize on your banner advertising strategy then it’s crucial that you know which banner text and fonts to use and which colors create the emotions that you’re hoping to prompt. The good news is that you’ve discovered the perfect guide to learning all about creating the perfect hanging banner.

Keep reading to learn more about nailing your hanging banner design today!

Tips for the Perfect Hanging Banner Design

Hanging Banner

Hanging banners might seem like a thing of the past when it comes to your business’s marketing strategy. Much like fliers, these banners are a great way to advertise your business and create impressions on consumers in your area. Don’t write them off on the basis that they’re not as advanced as social media marketing.

Making the most of your advertising strategy means learning all about what makes a great banner. The wrong colors for banners and banner design ideas will result in poor results. Here are some tips to guide you when you’re getting started.

Know the Purpose of Your Banner Design

The best way to create a banner that proudly markets your business is to know your goal ahead of time. A lack of goals will lead to a banner that doesn’t have a clear message. Building brand awareness is a great goal to target if your business is new, while banners are also effective to bring a new product onto the market.

You can also create a hanging banner design that draws attention to the fact that you’re hosting a sale for your business. You can use banners for a wide variety of purposes, but you should always know your goal when you start your design. It’s also wise to think about the lifespan of your banner.

Some banners will get displayed for years while others will have a more seasonal purpose. Take some time to brainstorm about your purpose before you take the final steps of creating images for banners.

Make Your Banner Pop

A big part of creating a top-notch hanging banner design is finding a way to make it pop. One of the best routes that you can take for this purpose is to focus on the colors for the banners that you’re using. Many people fail to think about if the banner that they’re designing will get displayed inside or outside.

If you can’t control the physical surroundings of your business’s banner then it’s best to choose colors that allow you to stand out. A banner that stands out is one that will draw attention from people who are walking or driving past your banner’s location. Think about the likely backdrop of your banner to find colors that will make it impossible to miss.

One of the worst things that you can do is choose a color like orange or red only to discover that you’re planning to hang your banner on a brick wall. Your banner will not pop but instead will blend in with its surroundings. Always pick colors that contrast with the backdrop of the banner that you’re designing.

If you’re not sure what the backdrop will be then it’s a great idea to consider using an outline. The outline will make the middle of the banner stand out in a variety of settings so that you can enjoy a greater level of versatility. This will create an effect of isolation that makes it simple to present the message that your business wishes to spread.

Consider the Psychology

Colors have a psychological impact on the people who look at them. Don’t be afraid to use that for your gain by choosing colors that spur your target audience to action. It only takes a few minutes for your target audience to form an opinion about your banner and your products, and the colors that you choose will have a big impact on that thought process.

There’s a point where color associations are tied to personal preferences but they also have cultural connotations that you need to take into account. A great example of this is the color green when it comes to the culture of the United States of America. Green is a color that conveys wealth as well as sustainability and helping the environment.

Perfect Hanging Banner

You need to think about the message that you wish to convey if you plan on creating a successful banner for your business. Odds are that you’ve already chosen great colors when you created the logo for your brand. If you’re attempting to boost brand awareness then you’re better off sticking with your brand’s colors for your new banner design ideas.

It’s also important to make sure that the colors on your banner are accurate compared to the colors of your logo. You don’t want to confuse your target audience by not doing your due diligence. Working with a professional team to create the perfectย vinyl bannersย is a great route to take if you want to get value for your marketing budget.

Use Quality Images for Banners

Whether you choose to go with photographs or graphic designs for your business’s banner, always make sure that the images that you’re using are quality images. These images need to catch the attention of your target audience if you want your banners to have the desired effect for your business’s marketing strategy.

Low-quality images will result in blurry images that don’t convey the proper message to consumers. It will look grainy and unprofessional, and it will end up pushing customers away from doing business with you. The real issue starts when you look at the banner’s design on the computer.

An image that looks perfect on your computer screen might not look so great when it’s spread across a banner that is six feet wide. The file type that you’re using will determine how clear the image is. Always ensure that you’re using a high resolution for the best results with your business’s banners.

Vector images are a great option because they keep their clarity no matter how large your banner design is. Bitmaps images are a bit tricky since they use dots to create an image. Creating a large banner with bitmaps files will result in a blurry and unfocused banner design that won’t help you grow your business.

Choose a Proper Banner Text and Font Size

It’s also important to ensure that the text size is large enough to make reading your banner simple from a distance. A big benefit of using quality images on your banners is the fact that these images look much sharper when viewed from a distance. This is also true with the font that you go with when designing your banner.

Having a strong idea of the distance that people will view your banner from will make it much easier to find a suitable font and text size. Think of it as creating a PowerPoint presentation with a font size that looked perfect on your computer screen. It’s possible that the font will not be large enough when viewed through a projector.

Use the same design principle when you’re coming up with banner design ideas for your company. Script fonts might look beautiful but they’re difficult to read from further away, so avoid them if you’re planning to hang your banner near a road for traffic to see. A classic font is the best approach to take if you want to make sure that most people will read your banner.

A good rule of thumb is to use letters that are 10 inches tall if you want your banner to be readable from 100 feet away. This is key to making the most of your banner advertising strategy.

Keep Things Concise

Keeping things concise is important if you have big plans for your banner advertising strategy. You don’t have a ton of space to work with, so your message needs to convey the idea with a few words and images for banners. The answer isn’t always to build a larger banner if you don’t feel like you can convey the message that you prefer.

Banner Stand

If you’re planning on placing your banner in an area with high amounts of foot traffic then you can’t expect each person who walks by to take a ton of time to read your banner. Most people will give your banner a quick glance and then move on with their day. It’s best to make use of images to present the message in a way that only takes a few seconds to understand and digest.

The best approach to use is to ensure that the banner’s images and text work together to spread the same message. Try to use less than 15 words on your banner to keep things concise when you start the process of creating a new banner for your brand.

Create a Clear Focal Point

Your banner design ideas need to have a clear focal point if you want to bring in more customers as a result of your marketing strategy. This is even more important if you plan on creating large banners to create more brand awareness. It’s up to you to determine what you want to go with when creating the focal point.

One effective way of building a focal point is by using contrast with your banner design. Find a bold color that you like for a word or an image that is related to the message your business wishes to spread. Consider using white space around the outside of the banner to make things pop even more.

It’s also effective to highlight or bold the text that is most important on your banner. This will draw the eyes of your target audience to these words to get the message across in less time.

Making certain parts of your banner larger will also bring attention to those elements. If you have smaller details on your banner then an area that is enlarged is sure to capture attention.

Use Quality Materials

An underappreciated portion of your hanging banner design is the materials that you choose to use for your new banner. You can have the most brilliant banner design in history but it is all for nothing if the printer uses low-quality materials and ink to build the banner. This is especially important to think about if you’re planning to hang your banner outside in the elements.

A banner that uses lower-quality banner materials will not last or look as nice as one that uses the best materials. The materials won’t matter as much if you’re planning on using the banner inside of a building since it won’t face fluctuations in temperature as well as moisture and UV rays.

Vinyl banner

The wind is another issue to think about if you want to hang the banner outside. A mesh banner will allow airflow through it while a vinyl banner will capture the wind and get whipped around. Don’t be afraid to mention your purpose to the printing company that you’re working with to get guidance on the right banner materials for your business’s marketing needs.

Create the Perfect Hanging Banner Design Today

Creating the perfect hanging banner design is a huge part of growing your business and making the most of your banner advertising strategy. Make sure that you’re using quality images for banners and a font that is easy to read from a distance if you want to grow your brand awareness. It’s also good to consider the psychology of colors when you’re coming up with banner design ideas.

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