Did you know that around 90% of young women in the United States filter and edit photos regulalry?

Besides young females, many other people are editing their photos to get more likes and views.

If you want to post a unique photo that is fun and eye-catching, you should try cartoon settings.

Continue reading to learn how to convert image to cartoon so that you can create more engaging content!

Go Online

Go Online

The first thing you should do when you want to convert image to cartoon is going online.

Going on the internet and doing a basic search of cartoon images and editing platforms. Knowing this information will help you decide on the best programs for your needs and you will make fewer errors.

The internet is also a good place when you are learning how to create a cartoon image because people can leave reviews about editing features.

Find a Program

Many people use image to cartoon Photoshop features but if you don’t have this platform, there are several others to consider.

Paint.net, iToon, and FotoSketcher are other great programs to turn photos into cartoons. If you are already comfortable with using a photo editing tool, you should check to see if cartoon capabilities are an option.

Make sure that the program you select is compatible with your computer and has good reviews.

Take Your Picture

After you find a program that you like, you can start taking pictures of the image you want to turn into a cartoon.

Try to take a picture with a clear image. The person’s body or face should be centered and it is best to avoid disstracting backgrounds. It is a good idea to get a couple of shots for your photo in case the lighting or placement is better in one.

Upload the Image

Apply Cartoon Effects

If you want to turn an image to cartoon you will need to upload your photo.

Depending on what device you use, you may need to email, text, or transfer a photo to your computer. If you are using Photoshop or an editing site you will need to upload them from your computer, so be sure to save the image under a name that is easy to locate.

Apply Cartoon Effects

Depending on what program you decide to use, you will have to turn it into a cartoon through different methods.

Photoshop users can quickly convert their photos by uploading them and selecting Poster Edges on the options. This will change the effects but you will then have to go into Filter setting. Select Liquify and your image should have a cartoon appearance.

If you are using a image to cartoon website or platform, you don’t need to do much besides upload the picture and select the cartoon style that you prefer.

Do You Know How to Convert Image to Cartoon?

Do You Know How to Convert Image to Cartoon

If you want to convert image to cartoon, there are only a few steps to take.

With the help of photo editing platforms, you can turn a raw image into something that looks like it came out of an animated movie. Cartoon images are fun and eye-catching, making them the perfect piece of content for websites and blogs.

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