Did you scan certain files or documents as separate PDF files by accident? Do you need to put them together before you submit or send the file?

Are you looking for tutorials on how to combine PDF files without Acrobat and how to combine two PDFs on your computer?

How to Combine PDF Files Without Acrobat?

The good news is that you’ve found the best guide for that. Below, we’ll teach you how to combine PDFs on a Mac and PC.

Keep reading to learn more about how to combine PDF files without Acrobat with a variety of methods for putting two or more PDF files together.

Most of the solutions we included are quick and easy ones. You don’t need to have an intensive knowledge of how to combine PDF files without Acrobat software. Follow the directions about how to combine PDF files Mac, and you’ll be ready with your PDF file without doing a lot of work or taking much time.

1. Reasons to Combine PDF Files

Since the coronavirus crisis, video conferencing became the top method of communication. Services like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams are some of the top players in the industry. However, many remote workers, students, and consumers still have to share files.

Even if you don’t mean to, you don’t want to spam your conversations with too many files. Combining everything into a single PDF file will save you and your colleagues a lot of work.

Also, sending in too many files can confuse everybody, especially if the files get sent out of order.

How to Combine Two PDFs?

You also learn to rearrange and organize the pages in the process. Some combine two PDFs solutions we listed to make it as easy as dragging and dropping pages. Once the new file is ready and organized, it’ll be easier to navigate them.

With that said, let’s continue onwards and discuss how to combine PDF files without Acrobat or more.

2. How to Combine PDF Files Mac Preview?

Let’s start by discussing how to combine PDF files without acrobat on Mac first. First, we’ll tackle the method of combining two separate PDF documents into one. Step one is to open one of the PDF files in Preview.

Open the View menu and select “Thumbnails”. This will open a sidebar where you’ll see the thumbnails of each page. Select a page thumbnail where you want to insert the other PDF document.

Are you missing a page or content? If your PDF file has too many pages to check one at a time, learn how to search on PDF.

How to Edit Your PDF?

Open the Edit menu, go to “Insert”, and select the “Page from File” button. Pick the second PDF document that you want to add and then click on “Open.” Save the PDF by opening the File menu and clicking on “Export as PDF.”

If you need to reorder, drag the page thumbnail into the right place on the sidebar. To rotate a page, select its thumbnail, and then choose “Rotate Left” or “Rotate Right” on Tools. You can also click on Delete in the Edit menu if you need to edit a thumbnail.

It’s the easiest way to see if you added a necessary page or missed it.

3. Combining PDF Files With Acrobat DC

If you’re a PC owner, you’ll want to use Adobe Acrobat DC. The process of combining PDFs is quite simple on Acrobat. First, with the program open, open the Tools tab, and then click on “Combine files”.

Next, select “Add Files” and choose the files you want to merge into a single PDF. You can select other formats and not only PDF documents. Once you add everything you need, rearrange them using the drag-and-drop method.

If you must delete a page or other unwanted content, press delete. Once you’re finished, click on “Combine Files” and then select “Save.” Don’t forget to rename your merged PDF file.

Adobe Acrobat DC vs. Acrobat Reader

Note that Adobe Acrobat is not the same as Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader is a free tool used for viewing and creating PDF documents. Acrobat DC also lets you view PDFs and has a few added tools for converting or editing them.

Also, Acrobat Reader is available for free. You buy the standard version of Acrobat DC for $12.99 a month. If you want to invest in the Acrobat Pro DC, you can get it for $14.99 per month.

Acrobat DC is also accessible to Mac users. If you don’t want to use Preview, install the Mac version of Acrobat DC instead. Note that you need a macOS X 10.9 or later to run the software.

4. Join PDFs With a Website

Don’t have a Mac or the time to install Acrobat DC? If you’re in a hurry, but you have a stable internet connection, use a browser to join PDFs. You can search Google for websites where you can join PDFs.

A site that’s worth considering is the free online tool called PDF Joiner. All you need to do is to look up PDF Joiner or go to pdfjoiner.com. Click on the “Upload Files” button and select the PDF files that you need to combine.

Make sure that the PDF files that you need to combine are in the same folder on your computer. Once you’ve selected the PDFs, click on “Open” to upload the files.

How to Merge you Files by Drag and Drop?

After the upload finishes, you can click and drag the PDFs around to change the order in which they’ll merge.

The final step is to click “Join Files.” The action will combine the PDF files and then download the final file onto your computer. It’ll go to the Downloads folder by default.

That is how to add PDFs together in a web browser. The advantage of using PDF Joiner is that it’s great for merging up to 20 PDFs at once. The problem with it is that you can’t rearrange the individual pages about how to combine PDF files without Acrobat in each PDF file or insert files in the middle of one.

Combine Your PDF Files Now

With our guide, we hope you learned how to combine PDF files without acrobat to better manage your files. Organize, share, and keep your files better now!

Now you know how to combine PDF files without acrobat but why stop here? Did you enjoy reading this content on joining how to combine PDF files, Mac? Feel free to check out our other useful guides from the technology section now.

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