Did you know that millions of viewers on TikTok are learning how to clean sofas and other furniture?

Second-hand furniture is becoming more popular since it’s sustainable and affordable. Unfortunately, it’s not always clean.

If you want to make the most of your old or new furniture, you must know how to clean the wood.

Continue reading if you want to learn how to clean wooden furniture to preserve its beauty!

Prepare Your Cleaning Area

Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning furniture can quickly become messy, which is why you need to find an appropriate spot to get the job done.

Whether you want to clean your items in the garage, yard, or basement, it’s better than doing it on the carpet. While cleaning your furniture, you don’t want to create other messes in your home. Place a tarp or plastic wrap on the floor for easy clean-up.

You want to find a cleaning space that won’t disrupt your daily activity or expose the furniture to the weather. If you must clean the furniture outside, make sure it is in a safe place before the weather rolls in or you go to bed.

Remove Dry Debris

The first step in cleaning wooden furniture is to remove dry debris, dust, and dirt.

Depending on the furniture, you can vacuum the wood and creases or wipe it off with a rag. Removing the initial layers of dust and dirt can prevent them from soaking into the wood while you wipe it down with a wet cloth. Make sure you use a material that won’t scratch the wood but is abrasive enough to pull off the dirt.

Keep your vacuum or a broom nearby, this can be one of the messiest parts of the process.

Use Water & Soap

After removing the initial dirt layers, you can get a gentle cloth, water, and dish soap.

Dish soap won’t cause damage, but is strong enough to penetrate dirt and grime. Over the years, it’s common for stains and spots to attach to the wood, dish soap can pick up all the grease and leave the furniture looking new.

You don’t have to add much soap to the cleaning solution. When too much soap accumulates on the wood furniture, it can create a film that can attract dirt more easily. After you use the soap, wipe the surfaces down with a damp cloth.

Make sure you don’t soak the wood since it can damage its appearance and durability. You should also rinse the cloth often to prevent yourself from spreading the dirt around.

Try a Stronger Solution

If you look in the cleaning section at the stores, you will likely encounter a section for wood products and floors.

Murphy’s soap, Old English, and Orange Glo are popular cleaning solutions that come with a kick. Although these cleaners are a bit more abrasive than water and soap, they can be more effective at removing stains. Cleaning products can clean wood and remove stains, all while improving the appearance and texture.

Clean Wooden Furniture

When you use these wood cleaning products, make sure you read the instructions and only use the bare minimum. Some ingredients can strip the wax and sealants on your furniture, increasing the risk of more stains.

Try to remove as much of the cleaning solutions as possible so that you don’t create a film.

Call the Professionals

When it comes to dealing with wood, some professionals can help preserve its integrity.

Many people recommend contacting Live Edge Wood for your needs. They can determine the quality of your wooden furniture and make necessary replacements for broken areas. Furniture joints often become weak over the years, and they can make sure the structures won’t break down on you.

Wooden furniture is durable but requires attention to detail and experience. Experts in the field can recommend better solutions for your furniture or guide you through the cleaning process.

Dry Your Furniture

After you clean wooden furniture, you want to ensure it’s dry so that the wood doesn’t crack.

Sealing or using your furniture before it’s fully dry can lead to split wood, stains, and joint issues. You also want to be sure everything is dry to prevent mold from growing! Wood can act like a sponge if it isn’t sealed, making it easy for dirt to get in between the grains.

Use a soft cloth that’s dry to absorb the water and cleaning solutions on the surface. You should then place it in a dry room in the sunlight to absorb any remaining moisture.

Seal & Condition Your Wood

After the furniture has fully dried out, you can reseal the wood with a stain or conditioner.

Clean Your Wooden Furniture

Cleaning solutions can remove layers of the shiny surface on your furniture, which is what makes this step essential. By conditioning the wood, you can bring it back to life and enhance the color. Pay attention to the directions for your seals and conditioners, many of them must get wiped off before using.

You’ll have to let your wood furniture dry again, but it will then be ready to improve your interior design.

Don’t Let Your Wooden Furniture Rot

Wooden furniture can is comfortable, reliable, and visually appealing, but only if it’s cared for.

If you don’t properly clean wooden furniture, you can damage it and need a replacement. It doesn’t take long to wipe your furniture down, and the more often you do, the less build-up will accumulate. Always be cautious of the cleaning solutions and tools you use since they can be abrasive.

Don’t forget to condition your furniture so that splinters don’t become a problem and the furniture looks great.

If you want to learn about the benefits of wooden furniture, read our blog for the latest content!

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