Dab rigs refer to equipment used when consuming weed concentrates like rosin and hash. They are similar to small bongs but vary in size. The small ones are more effective and efficient. With the recent rise in cannabis concentrates, dab rigs have become popular in the cannabis community.

There are two types of dab rigs: electric dab and traditional dab rigs. Portable electric dab rigs, commonly known as portable E-rigs, are dabbing vaporizer devices operated by batteries. They have a mouthpiece to inhale smoke and have ceramic or quartz heating coils. With technology change, there have been a lot of upgrades on electric dab rigs, from designs, materials, and sizes. Here are some tips when looking for the Best New Dab Rigs for you:

Your Lifestyle

Your Lifestyle

When choosing a portable dab rig that’s right for you, consider the things that mean most to you and your lifestyle. If you’re always on the move or at work, you need a mini dab rig that fits in your pocket or purse. But if you’re a homebody and always have friends around, then a large, durable and trustworthy electric dab rig is the right choice. However, if you’re a little of both, a medium and more portable electric dab rig is best.

Consider your roommates, family, and friends when thinking of your lifestyle. If you don’t want your loved ones to learn your dabbing behavior, go for a small dab rig that fits your hands and allows you to dab on the go. If you’re clumsy with fragile equipment, choose a durable dab rig or purchase it from a dealer who offers replacement parts.

The Size

A pocket-sized electric dab rig is easier to carry and use than a larger one. Although a fully operational dab rig can’t be pocket-sized, there are small dab rigs available in the market. While many prefer a pen because of its small size, it doesn’t serve the same purpose as an electric dab rig.

The dabbing frequency also determines the size of your dab rig. If you dab all day, every day, or you like hitting rigs throughout the day when traveling, a small portable electric dab can be the best. However, if you dab once in a while, you can opt for a large portable electric dab rig that gives smooth rips.

While many people go for small dab rigs, large ones are great and durable as well. The constant overheating weakens small dabs. On the other hand, larger ones don’t weaken as they have enough space that keeps them protected.



When choosing a portable electric dab rig, look for an easy-to-clean one. Dab rigs that are too small can be challenging to clean, while cheaper devices can easily break when cleaning. Choose a large dab rig with gaps that allow easy cleaning. A clean dabbing device makes the dabbing experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Keeping your dab rig clean is essential, especially for those using portable dab rig infrequently. No one likes to go into a session and find a dirty mouthpiece.

Your Budget

When choosing the proper portable dab rig, budget is of the essence. The cost of dab rigs can range from $50 – $500 and vary in quality. Explore the greatest and latest dab models that suit your budget. Besides being unique, a dab rig should suit your desires and lifestyle. Luckily, as dab rigs are gaining popularity, the market is growing, increasing the number of trusted and reputable brands producing high-quality electronic dab.

Before settling for a specific dab rig, open your mind and widen your search to obtain the best portable one. Avoid going for the cheapest since cheap might be expensive in the long run.

Your Experience

Your Experience

To choose the best dab rig, consider your experience. If you’re a beginner, go for electric dabbers that aren’t complicated. For instance, some dab rigs work under specific temperatures, while others require additional items like butane and torches. Although these innovative features make up the best dab rigs, go for the simplest electric dab rigs as a beginner.

Experienced dabbers who want to further elevate their dabbing skills and capabilities may consider unique and versatile dab rigs like those with a 3-in-1 feature. Such dab rigs offer adaptability for frequent and full-time dabbers.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right portable electric dab rig isn’t a walk in the park. This article discusses the things you can consider when looking for the right electric dab rig for you. You can take your dabbing to another level with proper and enough research.

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