CBD usage has grown rapidly in the last six years and is on track to grow even more in the next five. From relieving pain to reducing stress, CBD has a lot of applications.

The best part about CBD is the fact that you can buy it over the counter without any prescriptions. While convenient, this may make it harder to figure out exactly how much CBD should go into your body.

Are you having trouble finding the right CBD dosage?

Keep reading for tips on how to choose the perfect CBD dosage for you

Introducing CBD and What It’s Used For

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one of the many cannabinoids that can be extracted from the hemp plant. When introduced to the body, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system that humans have.

This system is what regulates things like your mood, stress levels, and pain. When you’re own body isn’t able to regulate these factors, a CBD oil dosage or other CBD product can help regulate them for you.

CBD is used to improve many cognitive and physiological processes. Many people use a CBD oil dosage for pain, anxiety, improved appetite, and better sleep.

Some specific health issues have been known to respond well to CBD, such as those who suffer from epilepsy or infrequent seizures. CBD oil cancer dosage is used to prevent nausea and pain from chemotherapy.

Factors That Affect CBD Dosage

While there are many benefits to CBD, it can’t work if you don’t take the right dosage. Many factors affect which CBD dosing is right for you.

The main factor you want to take into consideration is the concentration of the CBD product you’re using. This means the amount of total CBD in the product.

CBD concentration is typically measured in milligrams and does not refer to the amount of CBD in each dosage. Instead, it is the overall amount of CBD in the entire product.

How much you weigh will also affect the amount of CBD you need to take. Typically, heavier people will need more CBD in a single dosage to have the same effect as people who weigh less.

The symptoms you are trying to relieve may also affect the amount of CBD you should take. The CBD dosage for anxiety may be different than the dosage for someone with severe chronic pain.

The more unbearable your symptoms are, the more CBD you’ll want to take.

The last factor that affects your dosage is tolerance. If you’ve been taking CBD for a long time, you may need to up the dosage to feel the same effects.

Calculating CBD Dosage

To calculate an approximate dosage, we’ll use weight as a determining factor.

If you weigh under 130 pounds, you’ll only need 11mg per dose for a mild effect, and 17mg for the strongest effect. If you weigh between 130 and 200 pounds, take around 18mg for mild effects and up to 27mg for the strongest effect.

For those who weigh over 230 pounds, take around 23mg for a mild effect and up to 45mg for the strongest effect.

Of course, these amounts can vary depending on your tolerance and the severity of the symptoms you’re trying to relieve. Check out an extensive dosage chart for more specific information.

Medicate Yourself

By now you should have a good idea of the right CBD dosing for you. Now it’s time to find oil, tincture, or other CBD products to alleviate your symptoms.

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