Do you enjoy hunting or target shooting? If so, perhaps you’re looking to increase your accuracy by mounting a scope on your weapon.

But, how can you find a rifle scope mount that meets your needs? After all, you’ll want to give yourself the best chance of hitting your targets, and a rifle mount can provide excellent support for your scope. The good news is you can look for several key factors to narrow down your choices and identify a high-quality mount.

Let’s dive in and learn more about buying a scope mount for your rifle.

Weight and Durability

Weight and Durability

Before you buy a rifle scope, it’s important to consider how much it should weigh. For example, if you go on long hunting expeditions you may want to keep your rifle as lightweight as possible when you’re carrying it over large distances. However, you also need to think about how robust a rifle mount will be.

If a mount is too light, it may not have the durability needed to withstand any accidental bumps or falls that can occur when traveling or when your rifle is in use. The ideal solution can be to buy a one piece mount that is made of 7075 T6 aluminum and built to last for many years, combining a light feel with toughness.

Detachment Speed

Quick detach mounts make it easy to swap your scopes in the shortest possible timeframe. This can be helpful if you are taking a long-range shot using your scope before changing to iron sights for a wider field of view. If you always shoot at the same distance, this may not be a crucial factor, but it could be handy if you are hunting in the field.

Optics Adjustability

Optics Adjustability

If you need to set your optics at different angles, an offset mount could be a good choice. You can even use one of these models in conjunction with your normal scope mount, providing you with multiple optics on a single weapon.


The best rifle scope mount for you might be different from what is ideal for another firearm enthusiast. Hold your rifle with the mount fitted, and decide if the look and feel are suitable. You might find the perfect scope mount the first time around, or you may need to try a few different options until you feel comfortable with your choice.

Find the Right Rifle Scope for Your Requirements

Find the Right Rifle Scope for Your Requirements

When shopping for your rifle scope mount online or in a brick-and-mortar store, it can help to know what qualities to look for. Decide if you would prefer a light or heavy mount, and if you require a model that can detach rapidly from your rifle. You should also consider if you like the look and feel of the mount on your weapon.

You could soon be wondering why you didn’t start using a rifle scope mount sooner!

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