As CBD becomes ever more popular, people are increasingly looking for a super quick, convenient, and discreet way to add a little extra CBD into their day. CBD edibles offer the perfectly discreet CBD solution, with the appearance and flavor of regular snacks CBD edibles provide a burst of CBD that you can enjoy with ease.

One of the best ways to work CBD edibles into your day is with CBD gummies. Just like regular candy, CBD infused gummies can be enjoyed quickly in almost every situation. Packed with sweet fruity flavor CBD Gummies not only provides your body with a healthy burst of cannabinoids but also doubles as a tasty treat.

What Are CBD Gummies? How to Spot the Best

CBD gummies are a type of CBD edible that combines everything that you love about candy into a healthy CBD infused treat. Most CBD edibles look and taste just like regular gummies, with the main difference being that they contain added CBD extract.

Just like when shopping for regular candies and snacks, it is always a good idea to pay close attention to the listed ingredients when shopping for CBD gummies. The ingredients used will give you a good indication of the overall quality you can expect.

CBD brands that use natural flavorings and colors and organic, natural recipes tend to offer a much higher standard of CBD and, in turn, a much more positive CBD experience. Natural recipes also tend to be packed with natural minerals and vitamins for an extra healthy boost.

Another important thing to check when purchasing CBD is the amount and type of CBD contained within your chosen gummies. CBD gummies can contain as little as 2mg of CBD and as much as 125mg. The CBD concentration will determine the level of effects felt and, therefore, important to consider when shopping for CBD gummies.

So, why don’t we take a look at some of the best places to buy CBD gummies online?

#1. PureKana – Best Vegan Gummies

CBD Gummies

For those who follow a plant-based diet or who like the idea of eating more environmentally friendly products, PureKana’s vegan gummies are a great place to start. Made using all-natural, organic, and vegan ingredients, PureKana gummies allow you to enjoy a pang of sweet treat guilt-free.

Each gummy is packed to the brim with 25mg of PureKana’s popular CBD isolate formula, which provides you with a potent and pure CBD dose. PureKana uses third-party lab testing to ensure the purity and quality of both their CBD and their gummies. A really excellent quality of this brand is that you can view these reports before you purchase so you can always see exactly what you are paying for.

All of the CBD used by PureKana is derived from organically grown hemp plants that come from USA based farms. PureKana works to keep its carbon footprint to a minimum while also supporting local farms.

Natural flavorings such as black carrot, grape juice, and turmeric are used to give PureKana’s gummies a vibrant and rich color and a deliciously sweet flavor profile. PureKana gummies come in mixed fruit pots so that each gummy provides its own fun burst of flavor.

#2. CBDfx – Best Gummies for Sleep

CBDfx offers a range of gummies, including general wellness gummies and sleep-focused gummies. CBDfx’s sleep gummies are a great way to help you wind down and relax, while also providing your body with an extra dose of CBD.

CBDfx uses its popular broad-spectrum CBD blend along with the addition of passion fruit and chamomile to provide calming properties alongside the 5mg of CBD in each gummy. The naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids, along with the passion fruit and chamomile, work to give each gummy a delicious and soothing flavor profile.

#3. Kushly – Best for CBD Isolate

Kushly CBD isolate gummies are a great option for anyone looking for a very pure and natural CBD gummy that packs the main benefits of CBD with no added extras. Kushly CBD gummies have a slightly higher potency than most regular CBD gummies, making them perfect for those times when you need a super-powerful burst of CBD.

All of Kushly’s gummies are made using a completely natural recipe helping to create the fruity flavor profile that makes them stand out from the many other options available online. Real fruit and vegetable extracts are used to give each gummy a pleasingly sweet taste.

Kushly uses intensive lab testing to check the quality, purity, and potency of both the CBD isolate and the gummies, working to ensure that only the very best gummies are delivered to your door.

#4. Cornbread Hemp — Best Full Spectrum

Cornbread Hemp full spectrum organic cbd gummies bottle
Cornbread Hempfull spectrum CBD gummies are unrivaled in the CBD marketplace for a number of reasons, including the fact that they are Flower-Only™ full-spectrum, USDA Certified Organic, and flavored with real organic blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. The fact that Cornbread uses only the flowers of the hemp plant to produce the CBD for these gummies means a more robust full-spectrum, including a legal amount of THC.

Not only are Cornbreads gummies full spectrum, organic, and grown in the most sustainable way, theyre also vegan! Cornbreads vegan gummies are made with apple pectin, not animal-derived gelatin. On top of all that, Flower-Only™ means theres no bitter aftertaste.

For safety and peace of mind, Cornbread Hemp sends every batch of products for third-party lab tests, and the certificates of analysis (COA’s) are available on their website so that you can verify that only the highest-quality ingredients went into your gummies. They also seal every product with a tamper-proof hologram seal to ensure you only receive authentic Cornbread Hemp products every time. 

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