With over 15 million cosmetic procedures performed in the US every year, there’s a wealth of choices if you’re looking for a plastic surgeon. However, that decision can be a tricky one to make, as the last thing you want to do is make the wrong one β€” you are, after all, going to be trusting someone with a lot!

If you’re wondering how to choose plastic surgery clinics, here’s everything you need to know.

Ask for References and Look at Reviews

Plastic surgery

You should start by looking at surgery clinic options in your area and trying to narrow them down. Asking for references (if you have friends and family comfortable with discussing their plastic surgery procedures) and reading online reviews is a quick way to spot the people who are doing great work, and then you can look further into those clinics.

Check That They’re Board-Certified

The process of becoming a plastic surgeon is a little murky as technically, any doctor can provide plastic surgery service. You should make sure the surgeon you choose has been certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Check Out Their Specialty

What Is Plastic Surgery

You also need to check that they specialize in the procedure you want.

For example, someone may do great breast augmentations but only have performed a couple of rhinoplasty procedures. You need to make sure that they have plenty of experience in the actual surgery you want, not just in plastic surgery in general.

Ask About the Cost

Unfortunately, insurance is unlikely to cover a cosmetic procedure unless there’s an actual medical reason behind it. Therefore, comparing surgery costs is a necessity.

You shouldn’t automatically go with the cheapest option (as they may be the cheapest surgeon for a reason, like poor experiences or bad reviews) but you should factor it into your decision and make sure it’s within your budget.

You can also ask about financing options if the upfront cost is too high.

Consider the Consultation

Cosmetic Surgery vs. Plastic Surgery

You should finally use the consultation to make your final decision. Remember, by attending a consultation, you aren’t obligated to that surgeon!

Make sure they seem personable, professional, and trustworthy. Ask lots of questions β€” make sure they tell you about the surgery and give you all of the recovery information that you need. Walk away from the consultation and ask yourself if they’re the right one for you.

Choose Plastic Surgery Clinics Carefully

You should always make sure to take great care when you start to choose plastic surgery clinics to look into. Make sure your surgeon is board-certified, check that they have happy clients, and consider the cost and consultation when making the final decision to go ahead.

It can be a daunting process but if you take the right steps, you’ll be sure to make a good decision.

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