Finding gifts for daughters is already quite difficult so looking for gifts for college girls who have developed their own taste can be more troubling, especially personalized gifts for girls. The thing is though that beyond how you know these people personally, be it as a parent looking for gifts for daughters or a friend giving a birthday gift to a college girl, there can be more things to consider.

So besides personalized gifts for girls maybe you want to give them something more practical. Especially since gifts for college girls are around the time they become more independent. Also depending on the occasion, a gift for college girls or Christmas gifts for girls should be thought about differently.

Here we’ll go over what to consider when deciding on gifts for college girls or female young adults.

When to go personal and when to go practical

Finding gifts for college girls is pretty similar to finding a gift for a young adult, as they are one step away from being independent. Because of this, there should be a few questions to ask before you decide what to give them.

How is their financial situation?

How is their financial situation

If you’re a friend looking for a birthday gift for a college girl, it might be harder to say what exactly their financial situation is. but if it’s gifts for daughters and you’re asking this question, then it would be worrying if you didn’t know.

Putting this aside, if they are well off then practical gifts like a home appliance might be a bit odd, unless they are staying away from their parent’s home then maybe it’s an acceptable gift.

Assuming that they are in college in the hopes to become well off and have a great career, then yeah a more practical gift to help them on their way is probably the best way gift you can give them. Also, they’ll be using it more often than gifts that get sent to the back of the closet.

What’s their living condition like?

As we sort of touched on earlier, when looking for gifts for college girls if they live away from home even if they are rich, a practical use item like a rug or home appliance can still be a good idea.

If you are giving them something like a rug, spending some time finding personalized gifts for girls would be good as they’ll be seeing it a lot. So yeah are they living away from home? Or are they still living while attending college because their home is near? With the latter, you can more confidently choose to give them a more personal gift without worrying about their short-term conditions.

What are their hobbies?

What are their hobbies

This should be a pretty obvious one, and easy giving them something simple that relates to their hobby like a nice set of markers if they enjoy traditional drawing, or pre-ordering a game they’ve been hyped about.

The biggest hurdle you could face in this is that you might not know a ton about what they like. The answer to this is plain and simple, spend some of your off time reading about it so you can pick something that would fit into any budget.

If you’re willing to splurge a bit for them then looking for the nicest thing on the market within your budget is good. However, you may want to consult with the person you’re giving the gift to as they may like what they have already.

If you have a tighter budget though, giving them a common necessity that’s just a bit nicer than normal will also be great as they’re definitely going to use it. Plus, they probably get to try something new. So by being “practical”, we’re referring to these more common use items, with “personal” being one that requires you to know a bit about their preferences within the hobby.

These questions are just a couple of general things to think about when deciding what to get when it comes down to choosing gifts for college girls. At the end of the day, knowing the person well will help much more.

Tips for practical gifts for college girls

When thinking of gift ideas for college students, giving them a microwave or a blender may seem odd especially during an occasion like a birthday gift for a college girl.

However, you need to look at the milestones they have made in life. A college girl will soon be on her own, working independently to make a living. Providing necessities like microwave, kettle, blender, and so on is a great relief for those who are going to move out of their parent’s home.

Because of this, giving them things they may need in advance will take a load off of them as they move up in the world. Which depending on who they are can mean much more to them than some nice new clothes.

Here are a couple of things to consider when it comes to practical gifts for college girls. Some here on this list as a college boy or a parent may seem weird to buy as a birthday gift for college girls but trust us, it’s going to work wonders.

Spending a bit more matters with appliances

Spending a bit more matters with appliances

This applies to basic home appliances, preferably you will spend a bit more if this is what you want to give them. Since getting cheap home appliances could mean the quality would suffer, as you want to try and help them move on in life, giving them something that will break in 2 years is not a great move.

Of course, trying to stay within your budget is also important, if you’re looking for Christmas gifts for girls then this would be perfect as using a bit of the money from your end-of-year bonus will give you a bit more leeway.

Timing it with any event that gives a bonus at your work would be most ideal with appliances. Of course, you can always fall back and get something that’s cheaper but still a daily use item like a nice chopping board with a good knife.

Although it’s practical, try and keep it fashionable

try and keep it fashionable

As much as some people like to think that they’d use something as long as it works, in reality, looks sometimes matter. This goes much more for furnishings like if you give them a set of curtains or a rug. Even though it fulfills its purpose by keeping out the light, ugly curtains are much more likely to collect dust rather than see use.

This goes for items that aren’t out all the time as well such as a vacuum cleaner or a blender. Trying to keep them from looking tacky or just ugly should be a consideration especially when it comes to gifts for college girls. Preference can also play a bit of a part in this so paying attention to how they dress or accessorize their belongings can help.

Keep appliances to common use ones

At around this time in their life, we’ve already established that they could be moving to someplace new. So making sure that the essentials are covered is the best way to make sure that your gift is seeing actual use.

Keeping it to day-to-day use items like a nice pan or a microwave, where no matter what your daily budget for food is you’ll still use it. As when compared to a more specific kitchen tool like a pressure cooker or a full fancy set of knives, considering how much money and how much time they have these items will definitely see less use.

Keep it simple so that they don’t sit there for a few years then once they finally get decent pay and maybe shave a few hours off of work only then will it be used.

Have a larger budget? Buy a larger item

By larger item, we don’t mean literal size. Since you are getting them something practical, you could alleviate a bigger purchase off of their shoulders by getting a small fridge.

This way their first few salaries are spent on smaller and cheaper items that will make the beginning of their time living alone a bit easier when it comes to budgeting things.

Something practical on a shoestring budget

Something practical on a shoestring budget

Now for the opposite problem, what to do with near to no budget. Finding gifts for college girls or anyone, this probably is the best option – Just buy some food.

Of course, as these are gifts for college girls they would’ve already developed their own taste for things so keep that in mind, but this is what we’d recommend if you don’t know what to pick out yet.

Pick out YOUR favorite food, assuming of course that your taste isn’t really out there and specific. This guarantees that it will at least be somewhat enjoyable in a way most people would be able to tell. Sometimes, even though it’s specific, it can help if it’s unique to a certain region.

In case it’s Christmas gifts for girls or even a birthday gift for college girls, then maybe you can whip something up alongside the celebration. We’d only recommend this though if you are confident in your cooking skills.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to gift ideas for college students is foods that can last a while. This is important as it would sorta be a bummer if they aren’t able to eat it just because it had gone bad. You can even consider food as a nice birthday gift for college girls too!

Recommendations for personal gifts for college girls

Coming up with a personal gift for college students is a lot less straightforward than practical gifts. Personal gifts can vary much more and is more on a case-by-case basis. So keep in mind, for gifts like these, it’s best to know the person you’re giving them to before making a purchase.

What do they value?

What do they value

Part of the reason why a personal gift for college students is a harder answer to nail down is that they are very much their own person at this point. So unless it’s in the more general area it can be hard to say.

Finding out what they value can narrow it down quite a bit and what we mean by value is what they value in products. Knowing their values as a person can help as well. Going back to the question now and then and questioning yourself if they prefer sturdiness and reliability, or a specific design and style. That way no matter what their work or hobbies needs are, you can get something that ticks most of the boxes when it comes to what they like.

Questions like, do they value the environment? If so, maybe your purchase can be more power-efficient or be less wasteful in its packaging. Do they like a certain style or are they utilitarian? That way picking between a nicer looking but more expensive model can be quickly answered.

Or seeing as to how the article is about how to choose gifts for college girls if they like a flashier or a simpler look? So you can pick what kind of accessory to give them. These questions aren’t really specific as these broad questions help slowly piece together the idea for a final answer to the equally broad question of how to choose gifts for college girls.

Final thoughts

Really when choosing gifts for college girls it’s about as specific as asking about gifts for anyone. The only real considerations you should have is that they could be moving on and need a bit of help with making the necessary steps to make this transition.

Beyond that, keeping their best interests in mind should be what a gift can provide. Whether that be in a practical way of reminding them that some of their burdens can be lifted by those around them. Or by a personal gift that will tell them no matter where they are in their lives, there are people out there that know them well and gave them something to remember.

Searching for gift ideas for college students might give you some ideas but it is best that you think of the situation. Consider the circumstances they are in, who they are, what they value, and what your gift would mean to them when choosing gifts for college girls as that’s ultimately what they’ll think of you.

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