Today, more and more organizations are opting for a more agile approach in order to survive and prosper in the marketplace. Taking an agile approach allows businesses and companies to adapt to changing markets in an unpredictable world as agility combines stability with dynamism.

In the agile methodology, rather than building the entire product as you would under the Waterfall model, you build the smallest useful part and give it to the user, monitoring their responses. Agile development is often seen as an evolutionary process that involves incremental steps of 2 to 4 weeks followed by feedback. In turn, this feedback allows requirements to be tested and adjusted. It is also true that quality levels increase with agile projects since a working system exposes defects immediately instead of waiting until the end of the project to detect them.

Changing from traditional methods can be challenging, so it is important that it is done carefully. Any change implemented by an organization must begin with the staff, ensuring they are prepared for success. Hence, effective training of the staff would prove detrimental here.

But with numerous options for agile training providers available in the market, selecting the best one may simply be overwhelming and a challenging task. Hence, to aid you, here are four steps to keep in mind when searching for the best agile training provider.

Tips To Choose The Best Agile Training Provider

Determine Agile Training Certification

Determine Agile Training Certification

Prior to selecting an agile training provider, it is important to determine which agile method you would be interested in obtaining training in. There are several agile methods to choose from such as Kanban, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), and Lean-Agile. But Scrum is perhaps the most popular option as it is relatively simple to understand and implement as well as renders quick positive results. Like most frameworks, Scrum evolves trying to timely adapt to the changes of the modern world, and checking scrum guide updates regularly will help you be in the loop of the latest developments.

Additionally, if certification is a high priority for you, you should select an agile training provider that provides a certificate once the training is complete. This means not a certification granted by the training provider but rather a globally renowned certification.

Take The Project Environment Into Consideration

Take The Project Environment Into Consideration

To choose the best agile training provider for your organization, you must first define your project environment. An organization’s environment can be the work environment in which you work currently, as well as the environment in which you would like to work.

This would include asking questions such as: Do the projects involve small, democratic teams? Do you want to embed the agile manifesto into the culture of your organization?

You can determine the type of agile training you should expect based on your answers to such questions. The Scrum project management framework, for example, is best suited for smaller teams.

Assess Training Budget

Assess Training Budget

It is important to take into account the pricing for different training programs when you have a budget for agile development training. However, it is recommended that you do not choose an agile training provider only on the basis of cost, as there are many great, experienced training providers who offer a better value for the money.

Practice Due Diligence

Conducting sufficient research on your potential or selected training providers is essential. This will help you determine whether a training provider has the needed experience.

A training provider’s years of experience, the number of courses, certificates, and employee satisfaction levels can provide insight into their capabilities. As a result, you will be able to find the best option to suit the needs of your organization.

The best option would be to choose a company that is well known for providing excellent training services because chances are they have highly qualified personnel on staff.

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