In 2019, nearlyย 3 in every 10 Americans had a tattoo. While getting a tattoo is an exciting endeavor, finding the right tattoo parlor is a big part of the process. Tattoos are, after all, permanent.

So how do you sift through different options for tattoo parlors? How do you choose a tattoo parlor that meets your needs?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about how you can pick the best tattoo parlor for you!

Visit Studios

What to Look For in a Tattoo Artist Apprenticeship

Just as you would for your home contractor or car repair, visiting multiple studios is the first step towards finding the best tattoo parlor. Getting different looks and talking to the artists help narrow the decision down.

Find different studios online or from local ads. Get a sense of the vibe for each place and don’t be afraid to ask any questions!


If you have friends who have gotten tattoos before, they’re usually excellent resources for references. Ask them where they got their work done and how their experience was.

That way, you can get a sense of how the parlor they visited operated and the overall quality of the experience. You can even ask them for specific pieces of advice.

Cleanliness and Safety

Getting a tattoo involves a lot of safety protocols. As such, your tattoo parlor should follow proper tattoo safety measures. Take a look around different parlors to judge their cleanliness.

Finding a Tattoo Artist Apprenticeship Near You

Pay attention to their protocols as well. Are employees using individual ink containers for each client? Are they wearing gloves? Are they applying Vaseline and ointments safely?

These are crucial details that tell you how reliable parlors are and provide insight into how safe your tattoo appointment will go. If you have concerns about tattoo infections, click here to learn more.


Tattoo parlors should have a list or gallery of their previous work on their site or on their walls. Check them out to see whether you see something you like, or if their work is up to your expectations.

This is a good way to gauge whether or not a parlor fits what you’re looking for. Ask the artists there about different designs for tattoos that they can do if you’re there.


After perusing through their portfolio, it’s a good idea to get an idea of how much you’ll be paying at any given tattoo parlor. Obviously, the amount you pay depends on the work itself, but getting a ballpark number is also good.

Are They Licensed?


It goes without saying that you should only work with a licensed tattoo parlor. This means they have all the right clearances to get you a tattoo and are legally able to do so.

Learning How to Choose a Tattoo Parlor

Learning how to choose a tattoo parlor is all about exploring your options and gauging the best candidates. Use this guide to help you understand how you can choose the best tattoo parlor for you!

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