Drug rehab saves lives. More than 1.5 million Americans check themselves into alcohol and drug rehab every year. They learn how to deal with their addictions and they find strategies to resume their lives.

But that number accounts for only a fraction of people with addiction. Many know about how useful rehab can be. But they are reluctant to go because they don’t know how to prepare and check themselves in.

What kinds of centers should you look for? How do centers screen you? After you select a center, what should you do next?

Answer these questions and you can start recovering from addiction. Here is your quick guide.

Look Into Drug Rehab Centers


You should not go toΒ the first rehab center you see on television. You need to do some research first.

Take a look at how long the centers have been in operation. Visit their profile pages on the Better Business Bureau website. Look at local news to see if they have had any scandals or leaks of information.

You should also look into the services they offer. Nearly all addiction treatment centers offer individual and group therapy.

Those are fine options, but you may need other arrangements. If you are an LGBTQIA+ person, you can find a center specializing in LGBTQIA+ care. Find out more about what specialized therapies you can receive.

Participate in a Pre-Intake Screening

Once you’ve found the right center for you, give them a call. A staff member will conduct a pre-intake screening with you. They will ask you some questions about your life, medical background, and history with addiction.

These questions may get personal. They may ask you about any mental disorders you or your family may have.

Try to answer questions as honestly as possible. They ask you these questions to determine the level of care you will need.

If they decide to admit you, the center will ask for your insurance information. Most facilities accept popular insurance providers, including Medicare and Medicaid. They will then schedule a date for you to arrive and discuss travel arrangements.

Take Care of Your Obligations

inpatient drug rehab facility

In the days leading up to your check-in, try to keep yourself busy. Go to work and follow through on your family obligations.

You do not have to tell your boss that you are going for inpatient drug rehab. Notify them that you are taking medical leave, but say nothing else.

If you are a caretaker, ask someone to take over for you. Make sure their expenses are covered while you are at rehab.

Bring only the essentials with you. Pack clothes, medications, and things that can help your therapy. Do not bring anything that could tempt you to use drugs.

Head to your rehab center on the day you had scheduled. Walk in and greet the staff gathered there.

How to Prepare for and Check Yourself Into Drug Rehab

Does Insurance Cover Rehab What You Need to Know About Insurance and Drug Rehab

Drug rehab can move your life forward. Spend some time looking for centers online. Pursue specialized programs that can treat your personal experience.

Once you’ve found a Florida drug rehab center, prepare for a pre-intake screening. Give clear and concrete answers to all the questions they ask. If they accept you, you can schedule a check-in date.

Get medical leave and find a caretaker for your children and pets. Pack the essentials and then head off.

You can find health and happiness, no matter what you’ve been through. Follow our coverage for more lifestyle guides.

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