8 out of 10 people recovering from addiction relapse within the first year.

That’s why it’s important to celebrate sobriety milestones to curb this risk. You want to recognize your hard work and reward yourself for it. Besides, setting these milestones establishes a goal to pursue, thereby lowering the risk of a relapse.

The only challenge is how to celebrate these milestones without indulging in alcohol or drug use?

To help you out, here are six thoughtful ways to celebrate sobriety milestones.

Get a Sobriety Memento

Get a Sobriety Memento

One inexpensive way of celebrating sobriety milestones is buying a souvenir such as AA Chips. You want to have an item that reminds you of your addiction recovery journey. The great thing about a memento is that you can take it with you anywhere you go.

So, anytime you feel the temptation to use drugs or take alcohol, you’ll take out the memento and gain strength to keep pushing. That’s why you should search for where to buy these souvenirs, for example, where to get a sobriety milestone keychain.

Throw a Sobriety Party

The other way to celebrate passing a milestone with sobriety is by having a party. The idea is to thank people close to you who have been supporting you on your recovery journey. The great thing is that you don’t have to throw a large party all you need is to invite a few close friends and relatives.


The other fulfilling way of celebrating sobriety milestones is by giving back to society by volunteering. It’s rewarding to help other people out, and there are numerous volunteering opportunities. For example, you can volunteer to teach kids at a nearby school or talk to other people who recovery from addiction.

Go for a Trip

Ultimate Road Trip

To reward yourself for achieving AA sobriety milestones, consider going for a trip. The idea is to explore new different places and new experiences. The trip will also give you a break from everyday stressful events, and you’ll come back rejuvenated.

Go Out for a Nice Meal

If you’re wondering the best sobriety milestone gifts to get for a loved one, consider taking them out for a nice meal. You want to show this person that you appreciate them for maintaining their sobriety. So, search for top restaurants near you that serve amazing dishes.

Have a “Me” Day

You also consider pampering yourself as a way of celebrating sobriety milestones by having a “me” day. Ask for a day off work and spend it doing fun things like going for a massage. Also, visit a nearby mall and buy yourself new clothes and shoes.

Reduce the Risk of Relapsing by Celebrating Sobriety Milestones

Reduce the Risk of Relapsing by Celebrating Sobriety Milestones

Quitting alcohol and drugs is a challenging task, and that’s why you should celebrate sobriety milestones. The idea is to have a day where you reward yourself for maintaining sobriety. Also, you want to give back to society and thank your friends and relatives for supporting you in this journey.

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