That’s right. The beautiful lawn in fall that is the pride of your house will not remain like it forever if you think that having planted the grass, you can now sleep over it, if not on it. Lawns, like most other things in life, need care and maintenance. And especially during the fall season. Here are some tips for taking care of your lawn in fall to keep it lush and blooming. This guide will help you to find the best mower on the market.

Tips on how to care for your lawn in fall

Keep it short!

how often should you mow your lawn

While many garden owners like to keep the grass fairly tall, the fall season is the time to cut it short. The longer the grass is the more the attraction for rodents, field mice, and other pests to make their homes there in preparation for winter.

And these pests, as their name suggests, can do immense damage to the grass which they pull out to build their nests. Furthermore, shorter grass allows more sunlight to reach the roots of the grass, thus keeping it healthier.

During the fall season, in particular, the grass needs to be mowed to the right height in preparation for the long winter ahead.

Aerate your soil

It’s vitally important that water, oxygen, and the fertilizer or compost that you use for your lawn should reach the roots of the grass.

For that, aerating the garden is an absolute must. If you don’t have the time (or energy), you can always rent a gas-powered lawn aerator for approximately $70 for the whole day. These machines pull out plugs of dirt that allow the soil to breathe!

Fill the bald spots

There is no better time of the year than fall to fix those bare spots in the garden. A quick fix solution for this is a lawn repair mixture that can be purchased at most home centers and garden shops. This needs to be mixed with water and then spread evenly over the bald spot. Water this every other day for two weeks.

Grassroots learning

Taking Care of Your Lawn in Florida

If you don’t fancy having creepy crawlies in your home, they have no place in your garden either! Lawn grubs, otherwise known as white grubs, feed on grassroots. 

These pests seem to multiply the most during the fall season. Anti-pest medicine can be found in any store that stocks accessories for gardens. You need to apply 2-3 treatments for a week to ten days and that should take care of it.

Mostly about Moss

Moss grows even more in winter, as it thrives in the shade. It needs to be raked out. It’s not just moss that can be a killer. Leaves that fall from trees during the Autumn season can also do a lot of damage. Let’s face it.

Nobody really enjoys raking out a lot of dead leaves. But these leaves if left too long, can become wet from rain or dew and form a natural blanket that completely depletes the grass from all moisture.

Whether you use a lawnmower or a simple rake, those dead leaves have to go. Else your hitherto beautiful garden will! Weeds are another nuisance that can just choke those beautiful flowers in the garden. The only way to get rid of these is through herbicide

Fertilize fast

While you can use fertilizer at any time of the year, most experts say the fall season is the best time to do it. This is because as the weather grows colder, grass grows more slowly but rhizomes and the roots continue to grow quickly.

A proper dose of fertilizer allows essential nutrients to reach the soil, so the grass can grow properly before winter sets in and growth comes to a near standstill. A walk-behind drop spreader although it takes much longer than a broadcast spreader, is best they say.

Clutter does matter

Geese Off Lawn

It’s not only your computer desktop that needs to be free of clutter. Your lawn does too, you know. Fallen leaves, dead branches, or maybe even a log that is left too long before the first snowfall can cause what is known as a ‘dead spot’.

This means that grass found in that area will be stunted and thinner. Keep your lawn in fall free from any kind of debris, be it toys, stray furniture, whatever.


We have only mentioned only a few tips here on how to take care of your lawn in fall. If you are not sure or if your lawn doesn’t look happy anymore, you may want to rope in the services of professionals like Bradley Mowers.

They are experts in the trade and just know the exact care and maintenance your lawn may be asking for.

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