Approximately 40 million people in the United States suffer from anxiety.

While there are many medications one can take to help ease their anxiety, many people prefer to rely on natural remedies to do so. Or, they prefer to try something non-medicinal before opting in and trying something stronger.

In this blog post, we’ll go over how to calm anxiety naturally. We’ll give you a few things you can try to help take the edge off of your anxiety and help you get back to living your life.

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1. Meditation

You may have never done any sort of meditation before, so the idea of it might sound a bit “out there” or “hippy-dippy.” But your meditation doesn’t have to be anything extreme, and in fact, you can find tons of resources online to help get you started.

For all intents and purposes, meditation simply means calming your mind and body so you can focus on a specific thing. This may be a relaxing story, a calming sound or a guided meditation, where you’re asked to recall or create images.

If you work with a therapist, they may help you with meditations and can get you started. If you don’t, you can search the Internet for guided meditations.

There are many apps as well as YouTube videos that offer free meditations to try.

2. Lavender Oil

It you’re a fan of essential oils, then give this one a go. Lavender oil has some relaxing properties that can help you feel a bit more relaxed. In fact, some people swear by spraying their pillow with lavender oil before bed to help them unwind at night.

There are many ways you can use lavender oils. You can put them in a diffuser and allow the smell to waft around your home, bedroom or office. Or, you can put some on your hand and smell it whenever you’re feeling like the anxiety is getting the best of you.

This also gives you a bit of grounding so that you can focus on your hand and the lavender instead of your anxiety.

3. Stop Drinking Caffeine

Most of us live fast-paced lifestyles. As such, we rely on caffeine in order to keep us awake and allow us to get our work done. And while this does allow many people the extra kick to help keep them going through their day, it can also contribute to some serious anxiety.

Caffeine can make your heart race as well as cause other issues within your body that stimulate it, thus creating even further anxiety.

If you really love your morning cup of Joe or are a fan of fizzy drinks, make a switch to a caffeine-free alternative. For some people, this can make all of the difference.

4. See a Counselor

While this isn’t necessarily a “natural remedy,” you can discuss your anxiety with a counselor without having to take medication. In fact, you can be clear from your first session that you’re not interested in taking medicine and that you’d rather go the natural route.

Anxiety doesn’t just come on for no reason. It can have many roots, and they may be in trauma, stress or genetics. Having a counselor can help you immensely in getting to the bottom of why you’re so anxious.

They can help you talk out what’s going on, as well as help you dissect the things you’re having trouble with. Having someone to lean on, especially who is a neutral party and wants the best for you, can help you ease your anxiety tremendously.

5. Try CBD Oil

CBD oil has been suggested to help people calm their anxiety, as well as has a host of other healing properties.

CBD oil can come with THC or without THC. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and is the psychoactive ingredient that makes one feel “high.” Some people prefer CBD oil with THC and others without, as some people say the THC can make them feel even more anxious.

Depending on where you live, THC may or may not be legal, as such, in some states, you won’t have an option whether or not to use THC.

You can try CBD oil in a wide range of ways. Some people prefer to vape it, smoke it, to put under their tongue or to eat CBD candies. CBD candies are available in almost any form, but gummies are amongst the most popular.

6. Stop Drinking Alcohol

While alcohol is a natural depressant, it can make you feel even more anxious and out of control when you drink it. As such, you should avoid it at all costs. Though not everyone finds that this is a full-on solution, many people find that cutting it out can help them feel a little bit more in control.

Some people also find that they have anxiety attacks when they drink, so this can cut out that extremely unpleasant, and often very scary, experience.

How to Calm Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety is incredibly different for each person. What makes one person more anxious may make another person feel calmer. As such, you’ll need to experiment with different solutions when it comes to how to calm anxiety naturally. Although this may feel frustrating at first, it is all worth it when you find what works, or the right combination of things, that work.

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