The global footwear market is worth over 2 billion dollars per year, with a momentum that suggests notable growth through 2023. Much of that growth will be driven by consumers like you paying more for shoes.

If you’ve been buying shoes for a while, we don’t have to tell you that the cost of name brand footwear, particularly those that serve niches like running, has well outpaced the rate of inflation.

In this guide, we offer some pragmatic guidance on how to buy running shoes that not only will support your runs but will keep your finances in the black!

1. Know Your Arch

One of the key elements that drive the how to buy running shoes conversation is your foot’s arch. Knowing the arch of your foot means knowing how high the center portion of your foot curves away from the ground when you walk.

There are low arches, medium arches, and high arches. Running shoes that are built for each of these arch types provide appropriate support to ensure that your feet aren’t subjected to undue impact.

Many big-box shoe stores have arch testing machines you can use to determine your arch type. If you don’t have access to that technology, consider seeing a podiatrist for guidance.

2. Consider Your Environment

Once you know which arch you’re buying for, the next step in your how to buy running shoes journey will be to consider your environment. There are two key types of running shoes: city and trail.

City shoes are breathable and count on you running through a dry, controlled environment. Trail shoes are better at not soaking through and use materials that do better with mud splashes and the like.

3. Opt for Function Over Form

Armed with the knowledge of your foot’s arch and where you’ll be running, it’s time to find the perfect shoe at the perfect price. One of the easiest ways to save on running shoes is by focusing on function over form.

For example, the cost of Yeezys versus the cost of Reeboks is very different. Still, cheaper Reeboks may provide a better running experience than the more stylish Yeezys.

Remember, running shoes should be focused on taking care of your feet and supporting your workout. Not how good you look while in motion.

4. Go With Last Year’s Model

Every year, most big-brand shoe companies release a new model of their popular running shoes. By skipping this year’s model and instead buying a new pair of last year’s, you’ll open yourself up to savings opportunities.

Last year’s model of shoes can usually be found on manufacture’s clearance pages and through third-party, online sellers.

Now That You Know How to Buy Running Shoes, Get Moving

There’s nothing quite as mentally refreshing and physically rewarding as running. With our tips on how to buy running shoes, we’re confident that the pair you pick up will support your workouts wonderfully and will keep your feet in the game for years to come.

If you’d like more tips on purchasing footwear, fitness, or anything in between, check out the newest content on our blog!

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