Only 44 percent of Americans follow a budget.

Most other Americans don’t know how to create a budget and stick to it. Sadly, these people live paycheck to paycheck and cannot account for their expenses. They have no idea where their money goes, so they struggle to save and invest.

So, what can you do to avoid this personal finance struggle?

Keep reading to learn how to budget your and spend wisely.

Know Yourselfmoney

budget for your personal expenses

Your money personality type affects your budgeting and spending habits. If you’re a compulsive spender, you borrow money to buy things you don’t need. So, despite creating a budget, you can’t stick to it.

To simplify budgeting, you must get to the root cause of your money personality type. You need to learn why you keep sabotaging your personal finances and how to stop it. The goal is to improve your relationship with money and take control.

You want to stop making impulsive financial decisions and make conscious money choices.

Learn to Categorize Your Expenses

One of the worst budgeting mistakes many people make is failing to decide which expenses to prioritize. Once they receive a paycheck, they spend their money on wants instead of needs. These people are forced to borrow money to cater to their basic needs.

List down all your monthly expenses and categorize them to avoid this pitfall. The idea is to arrange your expenses depending on importance and urgency. At the top of your list, have the “must pay” expenses (these are your basic needs).

Use Budgeting Tools

Weekly budget spreadsheet

You should leverage modern technology to automate your personal finances and simplify budgeting. Compare different budgeting apps to determine the best one to use. You want to find a user-friendly app to help you track your income and expenses.

Also, seek the help of experts such as Steven Tananbaum to learn to save and invest money. The goal is to find out how to create passive sources of income. You want to grow your revenue to have enough money to cater to all your needs and wants.

Pay Off Debts

To achieve financial security, leverage effective budgeting to pay off all bad debts. The idea is to use budgeting to cut all redundant expenses and direct the funds toward debt payments. Paying off debts will free up your finances and allow you to save more money and invest.

Budgeting & Planning

Know How to Budget Your Money to Gain Financial Freedom

You need to learn how to budget your money to overcome financial anxiety. The idea is to continuously track your income and expenses. You want to ensure you’re spending your money on the right things.

Take advantage of budgeting apps to track expenses and automate your personal finances to simplify things. Finally, pay off all bad debts to reduce your recurring expenses and free up funds to save.

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