Finding the perfect DJ service often falls on every bride’s wedding planning checklist. It’s one of the most important vendor decisions wedding couples will make. DJs provide music and entertainment while setting the ambiance for your guests. 

The average couple spends about $1,124 on DJ services during their special day. Yet, a lot goes into the booking process of finding the right DJ professional.  

Picking the perfect DJ starts the party and ensures your entire event runs smoothly.  So, read on to learn how to book the right wedding DJ. 

Do Your Research

Hire DJs

Most brides begin with an online search looking for a wedding DJ near me. This makes it easy to browse companies and check out their websites for more information. Their websites and online listings will also give you a better idea of their personal style.   

You’ll want to research their wedding experience and how long they have been a DJ.  Find out how many weddings they have done and if they have experience at your wedding venue. 

90% of people agree that online reviews influence their buying decisions. So, it’s helpful to read each DJ’s online reviews. These offer real, unbiased accounts of other brides’ experiences.  

Checking YouTube may provide videos of DJs in action. You can also reach out and ask for testimonials from past brides. 

Another idea is to ask your venue for DJ recommendations. Other online sources also organize DJ company services by location or music genre. This can help you to find a wedding DJ that fits your exact needs.   

Check Their Availablity

The average engaged couple takes about 11 months to plan their wedding. Starting the planning process early helps to ensure you get your top picks for vendors. Popular wedding DJs often get booked up early, especially in bigger cities.  

When reaching out to a DJ for wedding services, always let them know your wedding date. This can even be your estimated date if you don’t have your venue booked yet. This way, you don’t waste any time or effort on a DJ that is already booked. 

Checking availability first will also help you to cut down on your list of preferred DJ’s. You’ll only have to focus on DJ’s that are available on your wedding date.  

During this process, you want to pay attention to how well the DJ communicates with you. They should be fast and efficient with emails and phone calls. Those who take too long to get back to you or mix up details may be a red flag.  

Collect Quotes from Your Top Choices

Songs for Brother Wedding

Many brides wonder how much is a DJ for a wedding vs a band. DJ’s are often a less expensive entertainment option. This can be a great way to cut back on wedding costs. 

Over 74% of couples go into debt to pay for their perfect wedding. Finding favorable wedding DJ prices can help you stick to your budget. 

Pick your top 3 to 5 DJ companies and ask them for quotes. This way you can ensure they fit within your budget. Be sure to get a full breakdown of what their rate includes.  

You’ll also want to determine any deposit fees, and when full payment is due. Ask about any special terms, like paying for their accommodations. Also, discuss any add-ons, like lighting or photo booths.  

Many DJ’s offer package deals, which can save you money. Decide on how long you want their services to get exact pricing. Be sure to include if you need a DJ for the ceremony and reception.

It’s smart to ask about overtime fees. Some couples choose to keep the party going longer than expected. 

Always ask for a copy of their contract, with their cancellation policy. Look over the entire document to make sure there are no red flags or other issues.  

Conduct the Interview Process

Interviewing potential DJ’s is an important step in the booking process. You want to make sure your personalities mesh well and they understand your vision. 

If possible, schedule to meet them in person. A Skype call also works well if you’re planning an out-of-state wedding.  

Make a list of important questions to ask them during this time. Here are a few key discussion points:

  • How much control will you have over the playlist? 
  • Do they have all the songs you want to play, or are they capable of downloading them?
  • Do they have an up-to-date music collection with all the latest releases? 
  • Will they stick to or avoid certain music genres? 
  • Will they respect your decision to accept or deny song requests?
  • How do they plan to appeal to different generations of wedding guests?
  • How do they keep a crowd on the dance floor and encourage people to dance?
  • What are their top song choices for setting the right party atmosphere? 
  • Do they bring backup equipment in case of an emergency? 

Larger DJ companies may also have many different DJ’s working for them. So, be sure to ask which DJ will be present for your wedding day.

It also helps to know how many weddings they book each weekend. Companies that book tons of weddings a day may have trouble keeping track of special details. This may result in less of a personalized experience. 

Coordinate Important Details with Your DJ

indian wedding dance

Once you pick the perfect DJ, it’s up to you to keep them well-informed. This includes letting them know of any changes to the original wedding plans. The wedding DJ cost is subject to change if you add more time to your wedding. 

You’ll need to send them all your special song selections by a certain date. It’s best to also include a playlist of the bride and groom’s favorite songs. Some couples also choose to submit a ‘do not’ playlist of songs not to play at the wedding.  

It’s also smart to ask what the DJ plans to wear to the wedding. You want to make sure their outfit coordinates well with your wedding style. Most DJ’s will wear a black suit or tuxedo.

Ensure the DJ is familiar with the set-up at your venue, including any special equipment needs. Put them in touch with your on-site wedding coordinator or planner if needed. Discuss set up and breakdown times, as well as arrival and departure.    

Booking the Perfect Wedding DJ

These tips will make for an easier and more efficient wedding planning process. Finding the right wedding DJ ensures a smooth event timeline with the perfect party atmosphere for your guests. 

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