There are more real estate agents now than there were in 2006 when the real estate market was booming.

Yes, the market is doing well and there is money that can be made. It’s a challenging task because most of the money is made by the top real estate agents with more experience.

Are you ready to learn how to be a successful real estate agent?

Keep reading for the top tips to learn what it takes to be a successful real estate agent.

1. Always Exceed Expectations

If you want to know how to be a good real estate agent, you have to know how to keep your clients happy. You need to set slightly lower expectations and then exceed them every time.

For instance, you know that you need to follow up with the client. You don’t tell them that you’ll get back to them in two hours and set an impossible deadline for yourself.

Tell the client you’ll call them back in 24-48 hours and call them back before that window.

2. Create Referral Partnerships

There are a lot of opportunities to create referral partnerships for your business. Financial advisors, mortgage brokers, divorce attorneys, and escrow officers are wonderful sources of leads for your business.

You want to get to know people in these positions because you can create partnerships that benefit your business and their business.

3. Have a Mentor or Coach

You need to have an outstanding support system to be successful in real estate. That can be difficult to create because real estate is like being in business for yourself.

A mentor or coach can guide you in creating a strong real estate business. You can have someone to talk to, exchange ideas, and someone to hold you accountable as you build your business.

4. Maintain Strong Relationships

Relationships are everything in real estate. You want to stay in regular contact with everyone in your network, not just if you’re looking for a referral.

Reach out to at least 5 people in your network a day and ask them how they’re doing. You can then ask them for referrals without treating your relationship like a purely transactional one.

5. Become an Expert

One way to be seen as the best real estate agent in your area is to be an expert. You can have a blog on your website where you talk about the real estate market and what buyers and sellers can do to ensure a successful close.

You can reach out to local reporters and join Help a Reporter Out. Press coverage will help you be seen as an expert.

How to Be a Successful Real Estate Agent

When you’re building your real estate business, it’s important to focus your time on the right things that will drive your business. how to be a successful real estate agent starts with serving your clients and exceeding their expectations.

You’ll want to form referral partnerships and build value for everyone in your network. You also want to have a coach or a mentor to bounce ideas off of and guide you as you build your business.

For more tips to build your business, check out the Business section of our site.

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