CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant. It is especially famous for its ability to help in stress, pain, and anxiety reduction. It could also work in preventing cancer and aiding in its conventional treatment.

There are different ways of taking CBD oil, either by directly administering the oil itself or by using a vaporizer. You can also take it by adding it in cooking or baking.

Are you already thinking of how best to maximize the benefits of CBD oil in your cooking?

Here are different ways you can add CBD oil to your recipes to create healthy meals

1. Add Fat

The first thing you need to note is that cannabinoids bind well with fat. It is, therefore, smart to infuse your CBD oil into fat or other oil-based ingredients, like coconut oil or butter for maximum utility.

So, keep this in mind as you begin to collect recipes that go with CBD. Cooking with CBD oil alone without using other oil-based ingredients will diminish the effectiveness of most of the medical benefits of your CBD oil. Therefore, it is necessary to support it with another healthy oil to reap the benefits.

2. Temperature Control

One of the most significant challenges with cooking CBD oil is temperature control. You have to get the heat right while cooking with CBD oil because excessive heat can cause it to evaporate and lose most of its efficacy.

Exposing CBD to direct heat can denature it, which will cause it to lose its potency. CBD oil tends to evaporate at the temperature range of 320 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you have to watch out and control the temperature so as not to exceed these limits if you still want to enjoy its benefits.

The solution to this heat challenge is to add the CBD oil to your food after it has been cooked. This is why most people love using the CBD oil as a final touch on meals, especially when making foods like pizza and eggs.

3. Blend Flavors

The natural taste of CBD oil can be somewhat bitter when taken directly. It is, therefore, better to blend it with a carrier oil that will improve its flavor and eradicate the bitter taste.

Some people try to use CBD edibles to correct this taste, but you should note that CBD edibles have limited flavors and can be quite an expensive way to go about cooking.

Some other people go ahead and create recipes for baking, which in turn covers the bitter taste with a sweetness that sugar in baked products provides. It is a smart and cheap way to mask the bitter taste associated with CBD oil.

All the same, whatever recipe you are thinking of adding CBD oil to, it is necessary to use high-quality CBD oil. You can click here to find out more about where to get high-quality CBD oil.

CBD Oil In Your Recipes

4. Control Your Dose

CBD oil has been clinically proven to be a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant; that is, it doesn’t produce a high. However, you still need to watch the dosage you mix, to avoid overdosing.

It is recommendable that you start with a low dose to see how you respond to it since you are just beginning. Too much CBD at one time may be a lot to handle if you are still new to the whole process.

You can add a larger dose to your recipes after watching how you react to it and, if necessary, you can always add more to the CBD oil while making your dish. After all, if you start with too much, you’re essentially just wasting a valuable product.

Some people even noted that they react better to CBD oil at a lower dose than at higher doses. Once you have mastered the way to create your recipes, you can then increase the dosage without worry.

5. Use The Right Quantity

As mentioned earlier, it may seem tempting to start with a high dose of CBD oil in your recipe. This is not advisable as it may have an adverse effect and ruin the overall taste of the delicacy you have labored to prepare.

It is therefore advisable that you do not assume to gauge the quantity of the CBD oil you are adding without actually measuring it first. You need to get the right serving spoon to measure the amount of CBD oil to introduce into your recipe. If you do not have anything to measure with, you can taste-test to check when it is enough.


Adding CBD oil to your recipe is enjoyable and can also increase the overall health benefits of your diet. It also adds a savory taste to your meals, making the whole experience of eating and trying new recipes remarkable. Just pay attention to the tips above and have some fun eating healthy!

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