If you have ever smoked or vaped THCA flower strains, such as the white runtz or Hawaiian haze, for instance, then you may be familiar with the munchies that come right after you consume them. They can make you hungry. These flowers are more popularly known for the trippy effects that they produce when we smoke or vape them. When, in fact, they offer a wide range of therapeutic potentials to the human body. One of which is its appetite-inducing effects. It can increase your appetite so you can eat more.

A big part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is eating correctly. When you can’t do that, you cannot get all the necessary nutrients to keep your body strong. You will also lose the energy to engage in your daily activities. A loss of appetite can be harmful to human health. For some, it happens due to health conditions such as cancer or HIV. Lifestyle changes may also cause it. Thankfully, there is a wide range of appetite stimulants that you can take to increase your desire for food.

THCA Flower Strain

Popular appetite stimulants include corticosteroids, megestrol acetate, and dronabinol. However, these stimulants come with side effects that may be highly uncomfortable to the human body. If you want a more natural way to boost your appetite, try THCA flower strains. This article will discuss how THCA flower strains can help increase your appetite and how to consume them for the best results.

The Science Behind THCA and Appetite

THCA, short for tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. It is available in abundant quantities in the plant’s trichomes. THCA is also the precursor to THC, the cannabinoid that causes us to get high when we consume cannabis. In simpler terms, this means THC comes from THCA.

Consuming THCA flower strains sends ample amounts of the cannabinoid into the body. THCA isn’t psychoactive, so it would not cause you to feel high. This is because it does not bind strongly to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. However, it interacts with the receptors indirectly to provide health benefits.

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The interaction between THC and the endocannabinoid system boosts appetite in different ways.

Here is how it happens.

  • The interaction with the basal ganglia increases the pleasure that comes from eating. This encourages the person to eat more.
  • The interaction with the limbic forebrain may increase food palatability so that the food feels more enticing to the person.
  • It influences the hypothalamus and rhombencephalon to increase hunger levels so that the person can eat more than usual.
  • A 2011 study on the effect of cannabis on appetite hormones revealed it increases the levels of ghrelin in the small intestine and stomach. For context, ghrelin is a hormone that tells the brain that the stomach is empty. Increased production of ghrelin will increase appetite levels.

Benefits of Using THCA Flower for Appetite

THCA flowers can benefit people who suffer from appetite loss due to eating disorders or other health conditions such as HIV or cancer. It can also reduce nausea to prevent people from vomiting so that they keep food down in their stomachs.

An increase in appetite can cause people to gain weight. This makes THCA flower strains ideal for people underweight or looking to gain more weight.

How to Use THCA Flower for Appetite

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You can consume THCA flower strains by smoking, vaping, or ingesting. Smoking or vaping offers the fastest route to get the cannabinoid into the body as you typically feel the effects within effects. However, you should also know that heat decarboxylates THCA. So smoking or vaping the flower can convert THCA to THC. This causes you to feel high.

If you prefer not to get the intoxicating effect, you could ingest the flower by eating it raw. A creative way to do this is to juice it into a smoothie or add it to salads – basically, foods that don’t require heat.


THCA flower strains offer a natural way to boost your appetite without the side effects of traditional appetite stimulants. Numerous studies and research have proven that it works, so you can count on it to give you the desired results.

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