“Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” These famous nine words by management guru, Peter F. Drucker, capture the very essence of why studio directors need to invest in Studio Management Software. Not one studio artist enjoys squinting at a computer, double-checking, and cross-referencing bookings and to-do lists, and the good news is that you do not have to anymore. Studio management software provides studio owners with the tools to manage their clients and operations with maximum efficiency. From fitness management programs such as Gymcatch to dance and photography studios, all studio directors can benefit from this software.

Is investing in Studio management software worth it?

1. Time

The phrase time is money has never been more apt than for studio directors who get their income directly from the amount of time they spend working. Despite this, their most significant overhead is time. Every extra hour you need to spend doing administrative tasks and other small jobs around your office is an hour that should have been used for generating income. Scheduling software can eliminate all these tasks from your daily to-do-list, freeing up more time to do what you do best. And since the functions you perform are probably indispensable, you cannot help but have better results.

2. Make more money

After looking past the short-term costs of management software, you will come to realize that it is a stepping stone to earning more money-which is the fundamental purpose of a business. How? First, you get to save money on staff that you would need to do some of the tasks that it carries out.

Second, a more efficient booking system ensures that you will not lose any clients due to double-booking or not booking an available slot. The more money you get, the more you can grow your business and provide even better service to your clients.

3. Stress relief

An unorganized work plan with missed deadlines and other slip-ups can cause you to wake up with a hard knot in your stomach. And let’s be real, you will not give your best performance if you are continually being bogged down with anxiety and never-ending administrative tasks.

Scheduling software will help you stay on top of your activities and quickly access all your information in one place. While it may not eliminate the stress that comes with running a studio, it may help you rediscover the joy that comes with your job and result in better overall quality of life.

4. Marketing

Strategic marketing is one of the tried and true methods of growing any business. Studio management software will not only free up the time you need to market your business effectively, but it will also give you the tools you need to do this.

Comprehensive management software will include marketing tools that let you market your business to prospective clientele. You can quickly get information out on special promotions or show them that you are the studio to be visiting. For one, a fitness management studio can use this to show prospective clients the array of fitness programs and other add-ons that they offer.

5. Customer service

A business can only thrive if it retains its clients while signing on new ones, and customer service is crucial in this. The foundation of excellent customer service is always in communication. Studio management software is an effective way of getting information to clients, especially if it has a portal.

Fitness instructor software, for example, may be used to get information on upcoming events and schedules to a fitness class. It can also work to provide an online calendar of events for both client and service provider and as a platform to communicate any last-minute emergencies.

How do I get the right management software for my studio?

While tools are an invaluable resource, you need the right tools if you are to complete any task efficiently; otherwise, they become more of a hindrance than a help. Here are some expert tips on how to get the right software

i) Select the right package

After assessing your business needs, choose a package that addresses the gaps you have in your studio. Gymcatch, for example, is an excellent match for anyone looking for fitness instructor software. Some of the critical needs you need to ensure are in the package include task organization, calendars and scheduling, money management, clear team, and client communication avenues, and customer support and training. Talk to your friends and other studio owners on which software works for them and start from there.

ii) Try before you buy

You can never really know if a system works for you without trying. Please take full advantage of the free trial programs that most of the software programs such as booking system offer and get to see how well it fits.

iii) Integration

After choosing the right software, the next step will be adding the system to your business model. There will be a learning period, where you can contact customer support if you encounter any challenges. Once you have the software adequately configured, and have learned to use it properly, it is now time to sit back, enjoy your liberation from administrative work and do what you do best.

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