Property damages are mentally taxing. They constantly keep at the back of your mind like a dull pain. Plus, it isn’t as if your life comes to a halt with property damage, you are still required to attend to the matters of daily life with the same vigor if not more.

Filing a claim is a remarkably difficult task with no scope for mistakes as the insurance companies would reject a claim for reasons pettier than simple clerical mistakes. The services of reliable ProFloridian Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach are therefore much sought after in terms of property damage claims.

In this article, we will look at the several ways the services of a public adjuster can come to your rescue in testing times such as property damage. Read on.

Benefits Of Having Public Adjusters

Public Adjusters contrary to popular belief are on your side

Public adjusters are not some fancy lawyers in suits to intimidate you with insurance jargon. They are in fact intermediaries between the insurance carrier and the client. They are hired by you, therefore they are there for your service. They review your property damage, usually free of cost, and provide a genuine estimate depending on your requirements. They do not believe in providing substandard services as they have a reputation to build and you are their word of mouth.

2. Look to maximize settlement amount for Your Property Damage

They look to maximize the settlement amount

The thorough investigation conducted by good ProFloridian Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach leaves no scope for a weak case. They review every expense of your property damage and vet it personally against the market prices before preparing an estimate for you. They look to speed up the settlement and also maximize it to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses that may occur if the case is not prepared thoroughly. Between what you could personally procure from your carrier and what a public adjuster will bring to the table, there is a huge difference.

3. You are allowed to change your mind

In most states like Florida, you have three business days to rescind your agreement with a public adjuster. If you do not like the services or are willing to work with a different company it is not as if you are bound to use the services. You can change your mind and withdraw the agreement.

4. They get paid only when you do

They get paid only when you do

Barring a few exceptions, where they charge a flat fee or an hourly rate, most public adjusters charge a percentage of the claim amount, therefore you do not need to worry about hefty fees and losing everything that you were supposed to get to your public adjuster.

5. They come with the requisite experience to handle intricate cases

Based on the severity and complexity of your property damage claim, a public adjuster will prepare the case. They have worked with the insurer and know-how claims are to be prepared. More experienced adjusters will have had more volume and variety in their claim settlements. You are able to freely communicate with them about the processes or terminologies that you don’t understand and they remove any doubt you may have at every step of the way. They guide you in court hearings and may even attend in your absence.

Public adjusters are known to handle a range of cases right from plumbing leaks, fire damage, mold, or hurricane damage to flood and kitchen fires. Handling your own case can sometimes mean that you have to disrupt your normal routine and follow up. A public adjuster will see your case to the conclusion and provide you with much-needed peace of mind.

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