It’s summertime, so you’re fertilizing, setting a watering schedule, and pulling weeds to maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn. With all the care you put into your yard, you may wonder, “How often should I mow the lawn?”

How Often Should You Mow your Lawn?

While no single schedule works for every location, several factors help you know when to mow. Read on to learn what to consider when deciding how often you should mow your lawn. how often should you mow your lawn to Keep It Healthy?

Mowing is an important part of lawn care. A well-maintained lawn that is mowed frequently produces healthy grass with good roots that allow it to survive dry weather. Mowing also helps maintain good ground coverage, which in turn helps your lawn resist infestation by weeds.

Lawn care depends mostly on where you live. Some Florida lawns need mowing twice a week, while lawns in Texas usually need to be mowed every week or every other week.

Your lawn mowing schedule will depend on many variables and get the tips for a perfect Florida lawn.

Type of Grass

Your lawn care routine will depend on what type of grass grows in your lawn. Grasses that spread horizontally can be cut low to the ground. Grasses with longer single stalks must grow taller to thrive.

Do you know how often should you cut your grass? Keep reading to know this topic.

How Tall the Grass Is

What height do you want your grass to be? Experts advise cutting no more than 1/3 of the grass in one mowing. So, if you want your grass to be two inches call, cut it whenever it reaches three inches.

Don’t let your grass get too long and then mow it short. If you cut off several inches at once, you can damage the roots, which have grown to rely on a certain amount of energy from the grass shoots. Also, if you cut too much of the top layer, the unprotected bottom layers can get “sunburned” when exposed to sunlight.

Temperature and Season

Since grass grows differently depending on the temperature and the season, the time of year affects how often to cut grass. Cool-season grasses grow faster in fall and spring when the weather is cooler, while warm-season grasses grow faster during summer when it is hot.

Frequently Rainfall

Grass grows quickly during prolonged periods of rain, so you need to plan on mowing the lawn more frequently during rainy seasons. However, if you cut the grass when it’s too wet, it can get heavy and stretched, and the lawnmower can damage the turf. Mowing wet grass can also cause clippings to clump together, which can spread disease and weeds.

What If I Don’t Have Time to Mow?

Whatever you do, don’t leave your lawn untended. If you ask a lawn maintenance company, “How often should I cut my grass,” the company can give you personalized advice based on your type of grass and your climate. This lawn mowing service can fill in when you can’t get to the lawn, or keep track of the schedule and maintain your lawn all year.

Get Started

Once you’ve considered grass height, rainfall, and sun, you can answer the question, “How often should I mow the lawn.” Stick with your schedule, and you’ll have healthy, green grass all summer long.

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